Welcome to the November 2012 edition of Soshified Spotlight.

Just like every other month, we’re once again highlighting a regular member in Part 1, and a Soshified staff member in Part 2.

This month, we’re featuring Deemas28 in Part 1 and jyhwang in Part 2. Deemas28, or Dimas, recently graduated from college with an economics degree. However, being sick and tired of economics, Dimas has been spending his time performing music with his two bands, one of which, BGJKT, covers Girls’ Generation songs in rock. At one point, Dimas considered dropping his major near the end as he was writing his thesis, but during a break from school he was converted into a SONE and found strength and inspiration from the girls to return to school and finish his education.


What is your first name?

– My first name is Dimas

How did you find out about Soshified and why did you decide to join?

– At first, when i was derping around on youtube looking for SNSD subbed videos, i noticed the Soshified logo on the top right side of the videos, so i did some searching a bit more and finally found the website. I decided to join because i need subbed videos, and of course, pink subs are the best subbing team out there!! Thank your for helping me to know them better, bravo ~

How did you come up with your screen name?

– Hmm, i remember my friend back in college misspelled my name to deemust back there, i didn’t know if he really didn’t know how to spell my name or only trying to be funny, still a mystery lol so i just changed it a bit to Deemas, and 28 is a special date for me, so i added the number to create Deemas28

Where are you originally from, and where do you currently reside (city and country for both)?

– I’m originally from Indonesia, and i live in a city called Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

If we were visiting you where you live for one day, where would you take us? Why are these places so significant?

– Hmm, rather than taking you on a tour of the city *where you would spend most of your time trying to get to a place because traffic jam is a culture lol* i would take you to a city where i grew up, i moved to Jakarta when i was around middle school, so i spent most of my childhood on a city called Semarang on Central Java, Indonesia and I’ll definitely take you to my old house where i lived on the higher part of the city. Hills were close by, and just across my old house was a lush green grass field where livestock such as sheeps and cows run freely and the air was just so refreshing. Ah bringing back such good memories

Tell us a little about your life. What do you do full time and in your free time?

– I graduated like half a year ago, and i’m still looking for a job as well as having a refreshing time because i was so fed up with studying LOL *oh no this will make me look like a bad person * but i will tell you the detailed version of “why” a bit later.

i’m actively involved on church, and currently i’m the head of the music department on the Youth division of my church and I also have an acoustic band called Smallville, i’m one of the guitarist, we play top 40 songs, and that’s mainly my income for now lol

In my free time i like to play games, 9gag-ing, spazzing over our lovely girls on their shows, *ah i miss them so much, they haven’t had much shows these days * or watch running man episodes *who doesn’t like RM? LOL* , or just hanging out with my closest friends and having a good time by chatting together, play more games, or even spazzing on our girls together rofl, also on weekends, i like to play pickup games of basketball with my friends too.

What’s the most interesting thing about you and/or that has ever happened to you?

– Too many interesting things to pick out. But i will never forget the day i finally saw Girls’ Generation in person, with my own eyes on their 2nd Asia tour last year on Singapore. After i become a Sone, i added seeing GG in person on my bucket list, and for it to finally become true is just amazing, i just feel so blessed.

For people who are first meeting you (like most of us), how would you describe yourself?

– Hmm, i’m 178cm (5″10) and a very slender 55kg (121 lbs) *too slender? thin, i know, i just don’t know why i couldn’t get a bigger body, just ask my friends how crazy my eating portion is when i’m about to eat lol*

and what else.. i’m an 89-er *lol so happy i found out that most of the girls are my chingu* , i would say i am an easy going person, witty, and kind, actually i’m very timid and doesn’t talk that much with strangers on first meetings, but as you would guess, i’m actually a hilarious and friendly person when i can get close to one. I’m a metalhead, i really love fast paced songs that are on rock and metal songs, have a passion on everything music related. Quite a sports person, a huge basketball fan and a gamer too. i guess that’s all

Tell us some things that most people don’t know about you that you think they should.

– Hmm.. i’m kind of a lazy person as i tend to procrastinate and enjoy having a free time.. but i’m actually a hard worker when it comes to working on something that i like, for an example my band, or being a head of the music department for my Youth division of my church. I don’t usually have that much energy and put much effort on things i don’t really like or so-so, but when it comes to music, it just gives me joy, it’s a passion. So don’t get me wrong by judging me as a lazy person lol *well okay i admit it, a bit, okay? *

Is there anything big in your life that you’re working on? (This can be related to school, career, hobbies, family, friends, etc.)

– I’m still working on getting more events and gigs for my acoustic project Smallville that i mentioned earlier, so you can call that an objective i’m currently working on.. and also my other band, BGJKT, a band that covers Soshi songs in rock / metal genre , this is my passion too, i mean, i’m getting both music and the joy of making covers of our lovely girls’ songs as a hobby? what could bring me more happiness? as we make more covers, i just feel that this ‘is’ something big that i’m also working on

Where did the idea of covering Girls’ Generation songs in rock come from? I assume “BGJKT” stands for “Boys’ Generation Jakarta”?

– Well generally it was because most of the members have the same preference in the rock / metal genre and we were thinking probably Soshi songs would sound great in these genres, and also there are so many people who still refuse to listen to K-pop, let alone Girls’ Generationg songs, so we we’re thinking that we should help our girls in getting more fans by covering them in a different genre in an attempt to introduce K-pop and Girls’ Generation to people who listens to these genres and so voila the original two members of BGJKT covered RDR and it sounded really cool *does this sound narcissistic? rofl* and after knowing my closest friends covering Soshi songs in these genres, i immediately asked them if i could join the band and they said “hey, the more the merrier, we could also use more heads to be more creative and make better arrangements for the music lol”

Yes, you’re absolutely correct, we found some troubles actually when deciding what should the name of the band be, but we took a shortcut by changing Girls’ to Boys and added the city where we live in, plus we changed the the S on the Boys with Z , because there’s already a dance covering group in Indonesia and they used the name Boys’ Generation first, so yeah lol.

BGJKT and their instruments.

What’s your favorite song that BGJKT has covered?

– This is hard! I love all of ’em, but i have to pick my fav.. can i have two? i just love these two japanese tracks that we’ve covered, and those are Let it Rain, because the arrangements to the song was really great, i like it a lot, and also Time Machine, because this cover took forever to complete, there were problems here and there about the recordings, we had a hard time trying a new concept for the music video, which was acting, so when it was finally done, i was really proud and had a special connection with this one. What’s yours?

How did you get involved in your bands?

– Which band? BGJKT or Smallville? well my involvement in both bands are quite similar, which is sticking to the instruments lol, on Smallville *my acoustic band, we tend to do things together, such as arranging songs, adding songs to the current playlist, modifying parts of the songs, or the vocal notes, we often give critiques and suggestions to others openly too because we’re so close to each other, so in Smallville my role is almost the same like others because we complement each other.

While on BGJKT, the main role, the brain, behind all of the arrangements and the technical things is my other guitarist Dali, to me he’s a genius! if i could make it to percentages, on song arrangements, his role can be up to 60- 70%, while my role of involvement , is filling the parts that Dali couldn’t come up with or tweaking parts that he already made, and also giving thoughts and suggestions on the recording process, for an example what effects that should and can be used on the song, or checking the overall quality of the mp3 and stuff. So i would give myself around 30-40%. The other two vocalists concentrates on arranging and dividing the vocal parts, but then again they sometimes contributes to song arrangements as well when me and Dali are out of ideas lol so again, having these guys as members are really a blessing since we’re so close to each other and helping each other is automatic.

What are your interests outside of Girls’ Generation?

– As i told you earlier, my passion is on music and that have been my interest since i have my first acoustic guitar *around middle school period*. Since lately i’m into K-pop also because of Girls’ Generation, nowadays i listen more to K-pop music rather than rock / metal songs, and thought to myself, that K-pop actually a quite nice music to listen to, even though i don’t understand the lyrics much, but since music is a universal language, it’s still soothing to my ears.. but the problem is i’m the type where i only listen to a small group of artists and eventually stuck with them lol maybe some Soshified members can help by suggesting other idols?

I’m also interested in basketball, played for my middle school team back when i was still young. *wait, i AM still young * but nowadays i just enjoy playing pick up games with my friends and keeping up with all the basketball related news available, especially on the Lakers since they’re my fav nba team.

and also gaming!! I would say i’m more into offline games rather than online games, although i do occasionally play some. I’m currently addicted to NBA 2K13, lol of course, to all the basketball fans, you should definitely buy this game!

How did you first become a fan of Girls’ Generation?

– Hmm.. as i mentioned before, i listen to a lot of rock / metal music, a metalhead, well i do listen to pop music, but not that much, only a few. One day, a best friend of mine *and now also a vocalist of BGJKT* came to my house and introduced me to this girl group with nine members, at first i really hate the girls, i mean, cmon i’m a proud metalhead, i shouldn’t be listening and watching music videos of these girls trying to act cute? This friend of mine actually listen to rock / metal music too, and we’ve been in a metal band together. At that time i was really shocked finding out that he’s so into this girl group.

Starting that day, this friend forcefully made me watch music videos of girls generation, and i finally gave up. One day i googled Girls’ Generation by myself, and things just escalated from there, i admitted to my friend that these girls are actually are cute and pretty, and the songs are quite catchy, from there i slowly, but surely grown into a Sone that i am now.

Who is your favorite member and why?

– I have two biases, which i cannot choose either one of them since i love them both so much. They’re Tiffany and Hyoyeon. I love Tiffany because of course her amazing eyesmiles, and her dedication on doing something that she really loves is just amazing. It’s funny because i remember liking Taeng first, but when i saw the ITNW and Girls’ Generation mv , this one girl really caught my eye, because she’s having her short hair, it looks captivating and stands out a lot, and it turns out to be Fany.

Fany was my only bias until i went to the 2nd Asia tour concert on Singapore December last year. That was the first time i saw all the girls, live, and Hyo just blew my mind away, i didn’t know she was so beautiful in person, way more beautiful than the Hyoyeon i watch every day on my notebook! Amazingly exceeded my expectation on how would she turns out to be. She was so nice, i got about 3 to 4 eye contacts, my legs were like jelly and right after the concert, i place her as my other bias.

It’s funny because i used to have a ranking of the members in terms of beauty, but recently, i think this year, i can’t rank them anymore, they’re totally beautiful in their own unique ways!

What is your favorite Girls’ Generation song and MV and why?

– For my favourite song and MV, ah this is hard, but i gotta go with Genie, the entire song was catchy for me, and this is still a top priority song for BGJKT to cover, since most of the members agree that this a truly epic song, but we still find difficulties on arranging the song wish us luck! I love the concept so much, since they went for sexy concept after the cute concept on gee, a very strong comeback, i really like it, plus Fany was back with short hair!! Fany JJANG!

What is your favorite Girls’ Generation moment and why?

– It is when the checkered pyramid? dome opened and the girls finally can be seen on every concert of the 2nd Asia tour. It just brings me back all the memories i had from going to the concert. The excitement, the joy, the curiosity, a mix of feelings, i remembered i screamed so hard while shedding a tear *hey metalheads are also humans with feelings okay?* the moment the dome reveals the 9 goddesses, and until now i always have shivers and goosebumps every time i watch the concert videos on that moment.

How has Girls’ Generation impacted your life, in specific areas or even as a whole?

– This is going to be a long story, but i’ll try to keep it short. I was in Economics major when i was in college, and i was forced by my parents to take that major. As i have explained earlier, my passion is music, and i was dreaming to be a sound engineer someday. When i was writing my thesis, i gave up because i have no fighting spirit left since i was so fed up with these years of learning Economics. I took a break for a semester, trying to refresh myself. Thank God, i found Girls’ Generation on my break. I went to the 2nd Asia tour concert when i was really touched and shed a tear when the girls were crying too at the end of the concert. I was thinking that they were also thankful because their hard work finally pays off in the form of all these love their receiving now.

Long story short, i came back with a new mindset, bearing in mind that i must finish my education no matter how i hate it so much and i remembered i always remind myself that i must be strong like Girls’ Generation, despite all the hardships of all those long training years + rookie year , not to mention a super hectic schedule every year but still, they always give out their best. So, thank God successfully finished my education, and “that” is why i’m kinda laid back and really enjoys my free time at the moment.

What was it about the thesis that finally pushed you over the edge and made you decide to take a break? Was there not a due date on the thesis such that you were able to take that break from school and finish it when you came back?

– Just like i’ve explained before, it was like an accumulation of negative feelings from my resentment towards economics which was the major that i was forced to take because of my parents, plus the topic that i decided for my thesis was kinda hard in my terms *note: i had a different topic on the final thesis that i made* and my thesis adviser was really, really had this cold personality, like, instead of helping me when i asked on matters i don’t know about, he asked me to looked for it myself *well okay that’s not a problem* the problem is he didn’t direct me to sources that could help me to solve those problems so these three main points really drove me to the edge, and about the due date, how to put this? hmm, i literally dropped the thesis off, as far as i can remember, it was still halfway through the semester when i asked my dean for my break for the next semester, and then i came back and managed to finish the thesis on the next semester after, of course after changing the topic and the thesis adviser.

Are you currently looking for jobs in music, or are you going to give economics a try?

– currently, i’m looking for jobs in music, i really want to follow my dream, but don’t want my studies go to waste either, so i’m trying the best i can, i’m planning to apply for work for music promoters here in Indonesia, so i can have my passion in music and my management skills go hand in hand, fighting!

What do you like most about Soshified, and why? Any section in particular you’re attracted to?

– At first it was all about the subbed videos section, then i noticed the photo gallery is a must see section too, the lyrics section is also great, since we can get to know what exactly our girls are singing about right?! hung a bit on the Power of Nine section and commented mostly on Fany and Hyo threads, and now i’m more into Soshified radio. I was invited to an on air interview by DJ Ava because she found out i’m in BGJKT, and she told me she really like our covers. Now i’m a big fan of her, and trying my best to take time and tune in to her regular show *is her head getting bigger atm? lol* + shoutbox! it is a very fun place where we could communicate and talk about so many things including spazzing together lol

Is there anything else about you that you would like to add?

– Ah can i do some promotions here? like we use to say, “It’s not a crime to be a Sone and a metalhead”, lol yes, as i told earlier to all of you that i’m in a band called BGJKT that covers Soshi songs in rock / metal, you can follow us on twitter @BGJKT for updates on our cover projects, and also don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel BoyzGenerationJKT. Please give many thumbs of likes to our videos! lol We are currently working on a new cover, so send prayers and wish us luck, so that we can present to all of you an even more amazing cover and always give the best to all of you to share not only our music but also our gratitude and love to our amazing 9 goddesses through this tribute of covers.

It has been fun introducing myself, i really want to thank the Soshified for this amazing opportunity to share a little bit about me. Thank you for the staff and also the members who made this international forum a great place to learn and share about Girls’ Generation. Remember, always live your life happily and responsibly because YOLO! This has been deemas28, God bless, and have a Fanytastic day because today is Hyours!


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