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MBC Releases New Promotional Clip for the “36th College Musicians Festival” with Tiffany

MBC recently uploaded a new promotional video featuring Tiffany for the “36th College Musicians Festival”, taking place on September 20th. Tiffany took part in other promotional clips earlier this year, but with the event nearing, MBC released a refreshing reminder for fans.

“The 3rd Hospital” Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video

“The 3rd Hospital” released a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of its third episode, in which Sooyoung’s character, Lee Euijin, successfully finds Kim Seunghyun by hiding under his desk. The video also shows how a real violist plays a viola while Sooyoung mimics playing notes.

Behind-the-Scenes Video from “Love Rain” Released

KBS 2TV’s recent drama, “Love Rain”, released a behind-the-scenes video featuring Yoona on its official YouTube channel to help promote the drama’s broadcast in Japan. The last episode in Korea was aired on May 29th.

Hyoyeon Ranks Eighth Among “Top 10 Brave K-Pop Idols”

Hyoyeon was recently picked by other idols as being among the “Top 10 Brave K-Pop Idols” on MBC’s “Weekly Idol”, ranking at eighth place. According to the video, this is because she has made various confessions that other idols would not be able to do.

Japanese Morning News “ZIP!” Reports on Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Version of “Oh!”

Nippon TV’s “ZIP!” reported on the release of the music video for Girls’ Generation’s Japanese version of “Oh!”. The news program gives a short preview of the music video and discusses how the girls look cute while they are dancing as cheerleaders.


12plus Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of CF Featuring Tiffany and Siwon

12plus released a behind-the-scenes video for a recent CF of its “Double Aura Lucent BB powder”, which featured Tiffany and Super Junior’s Siwon. Tiffany mentions that she uses the product and that even if she has filmed outside all day, her makeup would not get ruined.

Llang Releases New Promotional Picture Featuring Sooyoung

Llang released a new promotional picture featuring Sooyoung for its “Red Ginseng Magic Oil” cosmetics product. The picture gives a step-by-step guide on how to apply the cream, as well as how to use it as a complement for other cosmetics.


Taeyeon Leaves a Message on Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

Taeyeon recently left a message on Girls’ Generation’s official website. She talked about the increasing number of fans coming to support her, Tiffany, and Seohyun as hosts of MBC’s “Show! Music Core”. The message came with two self-taken pictures of herself. You can see the pictures and the translated message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Girls’ Generation to Perform at the “1st GS & Concert”

It has been announced that Girls’ Generation will take part in the “1st GS & Concert”, which will take place on October 21st of this year. Girls’ Generation will join fellow K-Pop artists Super Junior, MBLAQ, SISTAR, and PSY as part of the lineup for the event.

Park Geunhyung Praises Sooyoung’s Acting

Park Geunhyung, who plays Kim Hayoon in “The 3rd Hospital”, recently praised Sooyoung for her acting. Through the production staff, he said, “Despite it being Sooyoung’s first time acting, she was good. It was nice seeing her working hard, not only in front of the camera, but off camera too. I think you can look forward [to] her [acting].”

Sooyoung Attends Choi Soojin’s Musical

Sooyoung went to watch and support her sister Soojin at her latest musical, “Heavenly Clock”. The two sisters can be seen posing with the cast from the musical. To view more pictures, check out Soshified’s Photo Section.

Sunny and Seohyun Attend the “Popular Music Promotion Committee Inaugural Ceremony”

Sunny and Seohyun attended the “Popular Music Promotion Committee Inaugural Ceremony” together on September 12th. Though dressed in contrasting colors, both members shined at the event. To view more pictures from the event, visit Soshified’s Photos Section.

Tiffany Takes Part in “Bean Pole Accessory Muse Fansign”

On September 12th, Bean Pole held a fansign event with Tiffany for a number of fans. Arriving with a Bean Pole bag, Tiffany met everyone with her trademark eye-smile and cheerful spirit. For more pictures from the event, check out Soshified’s Photos Section.

Seohyun Donates to “Beautiful Store” Auction

Seohyun recently made a special donation to an auction hosted by “Beautiful Store”, a charity foundation. She donated clothing, heels, and accessories she has worn. The proceeds will be used to help refugees in countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh.

“Korean Raiders” Magazine Features Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation is featured in the September issue of “Korean Raiders”, a magazine based in China. The article talks about the girls’ fifth anniversary and their journey through the years. To view more scans of the magazine, visit Soshified’s Photo Section.

Tiffany to be Featured in the October Issue of “W Korea”

“W Korea” magazine revealed that its October issue will feature Tiffany, so be sure to keep an eye out for this upcoming month’s edition. If you missed it, Jessica took part in last month’s issue.


Taeyeon Uploads New UFOtown Picture

Taeyeon recently uploaded a new photo to her UFOtown profile. The picture shows her posing cutely with a gingerbread man doll as she smiles affectionately for the camera.

Lee Hyunjae Tweets Photos of Himself with Sunny and Seohyun


Congressman Lee Hyunjae recently tweeted two photos of himself attending the “Popular Music Promotion Committee Inaugural Ceremony” with Sunny and Seohyun. His second tweet reads, “It’s Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Sunny.”

Jessica Uploads New UFOtown Picture  

Jessica uploaded a new photo to her UFOtown profile. In the photo, she poses with a plush husky dog and makes a variety of adorable facial expressions.

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