Sooyoung is featured in the cover story for the 29th issue of “1st Look” magazine. In addition to a stylish photo shoot, Sooyoung took part in an interview where she discussed life, fashion, and becoming an actress in a drama.

Sooyoung has been going between being a singer and an MC while also making her place as an actress with the character named “Lee Euijin” in tvN’s “The 3rd Hospital”. In front of my eyes, she is talking about the lives of “Euijin” and “Sooyoung” in a soft, calm voice, while at this exact moment she has filled this studio as the muse for designer Song Jain’s “J.Lite” line.

It seems like you keep getting prettier. I can’t call you a ‘girl’ because I feel you’re mature.
Sooyoung: Thank you. I want to keep getting prettier. Haha.

You’ve been gaining attention as a fashionista lately. Do you normally have a lot of interest in fashion?
Sooyoung: While I do like that kind of attention, honestly, it’s burdensome. I just like what’s comfortable. My motto lately is ‘back to basic’. Wearing a white t-shirt with jeans and sneakers looks most stylish. It’s a burden trying to meet the expectations as a fashionista, because I’m starting to like comfortable things.

What do you think about the J.Lite outfit you wore for today’s shoot? It looks like they’re normally your clothes.
Sooyoung: I’ve liked Song Jain’s clothes before I debuted, so I went to see her collections occasionally. I think that the cute teddy bear marking in particular shows off her environment-friendly mind well. The design seems like a rider jacket or biker pants, but because the material is washed, it’s comfortable and stylish. If I were to mix and match, similar to today’s photoshoot styling, I think it would be more than enough wearing just J.Lite all week.

As a fashionista, is there a style you would recommend for this fall?
Sooyoung: I’m embarrassed that you called me a fashionista. I think jeans, a cotton t-shirt, a leather jacket, and throwing on a scarf indifferently would be nice. I think people look beautiful when they’re most comfortable. I think I will wear J.Lite often because of that reason.

You’ve made your attempt at a drama through ‘The 3rd Hospital’. I’m curious as to how it was when you were filming.
Sooyoung: At first, I was worried because I thought I’d be nervous, but as I took on each episode, I was able to focus on acting more comfortably. It’s probably because the senior actors helped create a comfortable atmosphere so that I would be able to focus. Seungwoo oppa always matched my level and was considerate. Jiho oppa is the type that plays around a lot and creates a good atmosphere. They also gave me lots of advice on acting. There is a lot to learn, and being able to act with these seniors who shared everything with me itself was a good fortune.

What kind of character is the role of ‘Lee Euijin’?
Sooyoung: While she’s a loveable character, on the other hand, I feel that she is a very mature person. At first, she may seem like a light person, but after reading the entire script, the ‘Euijin’ I got to know is a cool woman who is not afraid of sacrificing herself and getting hurt for love.

The role has a crush. An actress who crushes on someone either receives sympathy or hatred. Which do you think you would receive?
Sooyoung: If you look closely, she’s a ‘harmful’ character. ‘Euijin’ is the exact type of person that girls don’t like. She falls and spills coffee easily… I actually worried that she’s a character who would leave a bad impression, but they were all actions made to cover the scars of the person she loves. And, because she’s a character that acts honestly, I believe viewers will sympathize with her.

I heard it’s a character that goes back and forth between comedy and tragedy. Which side do you think suits you?
Sooyoung: I feel like I’ve become that character when playing around and when I have lines that are like those of a comedy, like the character is really alive. On the other hand, when acting out the emotional scenes, it makes me think that I really am inside this drama. I was able to focus naturally. After acting out a tragic scene, there were many times where I could not even remember how I even acted. At times like that, it makes me think, ‘I really did focus then.’ Both sides were interesting experiences.

As we talked, I noticed that it seems like you really focused on your character. Was acting normally your dream?
Sooyoung: I had a greedy side for acting even before I debuted as a singer. Before I debuted as a singer, I went through preparations in order to become an actress. I think I’ve failed to pass about 70 auditions. Still, I couldn’t give up. I worked on it consistently, and little by little. And now I have been able to take on a role like this.

It’s unbelievable that Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung took 70 auditions.
Sooyoung: ‘What [great] work is trying to get to me that I’m having to go through this [having to audition so much]? I dare you to come to me. I’m really going to work hard. I’m going to do my best.’ I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated this to myself. But after being greedy and fussing over it, I could see that side of me when acting. Then I would feel uncomfortable… And I would feel sorry to my character. So I put everything down, and after taking it on with the thought of starting all over again, everything got comfortable.

I’m aware that you received a number of offers for other works. Is there a reason why you chose ‘The 3rd Hospital’ out of all of them?
Sooyoung: I liked the fact that the role of ‘Euijin’ was one that needed to be in the drama. Rather than whether the role I have is big or small, it’s more important knowing if the role is present at the center of the story.

It’s your first time acting in a drama. Were there any difficulties?
Sooyoung: Acting with my eyes closed was really hard. Haha. Acting with my eyes closed, acting like I’m sleeping, it was hard having my eyes closed while focusing my attention at one place.

Still, I would think critical eyes like negative comments would make it hard.
Sooyoung: From the general public’s perspective, they’re used to singing Sooyoung, and acting Sooyoung is unfamiliar. But, asking for them to love acting Sooyoung like singing Sooyoung would be greedy. The viewers see the end results. Whether it’s a reporter or singer, there isn’t a person that doesn’t have a process. Everyone puts forth effort, so you have no choice but to win through the end result. I’m still at the starting line, so I’m trying to accept those appraisals humbly.

Isn’t it a big burden?
Sooyoung: Worrying about what people might think stops right before I start acting. There isn’t any one person that everyone likes. And, if you try to be liked by everyone, I don’t think you can be happy. So, if 50 people like me and 50 don’t, I feel that I just need to grow more and move the hearts of the remaining people [of the 50 that don’t like me]. I felt more relaxed thinking like that. I try to accept the fact that there are people who will dislike me.

Being able to acknowledge that, I feel like you’re a lot more mature than I am.
Sooyoung: The career of a celebrity is destined to be critiqued and judged by people anyway. If you can’t acknowledge those things, don’t you think you shouldn’t have chosen this career?

What type of person is ‘Choi Sooyoung’?
Sooyoung: To be honest, I don’t know myself well. I thought I didn’t like being held in a mold, but if you look at it another way, being in a mold can be relaxing. You can’t say I’m always a relaxed person either, because I try not to break rules that I’ve set. But if I feel uncomfortable, I break them again… I know for sure that I’m not typical.

You can regulate it well with words, but you’re a very distressed character.
Sooyoung: That’s right. People tell me I’m easy-going, but I’m not. I’m a picky person. What I picture when thinking about an easy-going person is someone who expresses things honestly, but I tend to think about the other person’s feelings a bit more. I think I’m timid. 1st Look: You’re not timid but careful. A timid person can’t be considerate of others’ feelings. The other person being comfortable is what makes me comfortable, and so I pay a lot of attention to the other person’s mood.

Isn’t it time for you to start dating now?
Sooyoung: People around me are making a fuss, telling me to date. I wish they would stop now. I think it’s a problem that I have to take care of myself. ‘Can I ask why you won’t date?’ It’s because I haven’t found anyone comfortable enough. My standards aren’t high, but I haven’t met anyone I can converse with well.

A comfortable guy who is not charming, or an uncomfortable but charming guy. Which would you choose?
Sooyoung: The comfortable guy. That is what’s charming about him. I think I’m past the age to like bad boys.

Really? Girls are attracted to bad boys, regardless of how old you are.
Sooyoung: Still, I like a comfortable person. I want to meet someone who makes me feel comfortable and just enjoy being together. I’m comfortable with the other person being comfortable, so I’m the type that tries to help make the other person feel comfortable. I want to meet a guy who knows that I do this and makes me feel comfortable.

I’m curious as to what type of woman you are.
Sooyoung: I am a very comfortable woman. I try to make the other person just as comfortable as they make me feel. I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I want to be a woman that people want to lean on. I’m actually feminine. I make cupcakes and bake cookies. When I get married, I want to cut fruits and take them to my husband at work. I want to show off and be a comfortable girlfriend.

What does ‘comfort’ mean to you?
Sooyoung: The most important value in my life!

Source: “1st Look” Magazine
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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