Recently, Tiffany became a new endorser for a Thailand-based facial product company called “12plus”. As part of the endorsement deal, Tiffany flew to Thailand with Super Junior’s Siwon, who has been a model for 12plus for several years already, to shoot a CF for 12plus’s “Double Aura Lucent BB powder”.


Filming for the 12plus CF occurred during Tiffany’s birthday, and both Tiffany and Siwon posted messages online to celebrate. Tiffany wrote, “Today is really my day~~~!!! ^^*” on Girls’ Generation’s official website and uploaded two photos to go along with the exclamation. One picture was of herself, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun at a photoshoot for “High Cut” magazine, and the other photo was of her with Siwon, which the Super Junior member later tweeted with the message, “Happy birthday tiffany!”

Although the CF hasn’t been released yet, 12plus released some promotional pictures on its Facebook page. This teaser image shows Tiffany using one of the company’s products.

Other images of Tiffany at the set of the CF filming were also taken by fans and uploaded onto the Internet. They show Tiffany in a stunning white dress, greeting fans during and after the filming with friendly waves and her signature smile. She even asked to take a photo with the fans, joining the crowd for a quick picture. Pictures taken at the CF filming can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Of course, the filming wouldn’t be complete without celebrating Tiffany’s birthday. People gathered on the set and placed a cake with candles for Tiffany. She blew out the candles as cameras continued to flash, intent on capturing this very special and precious moment. Tiffany also received a bouquet of red roses that emphasized her beauty, and she was kind enough to give a hug to one lucky fan that was beside her while she blew the candles out on her birthday cake.

On August 2nd, Tiffany and Siwon attended a fanmeet at “MIRACLE DAY 2012 Double Aura Show”. Tiffany was greeted with a miniature “pink ocean” of neon letters spelling her name and signs stating “SONE is here”. They also held a short interview at the fanmeet with Pingbook, an entertainment company. The two discussed Thailand, the CF filming, and fashion, among other subjects. The full translation of the interview can be found in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section. For Pingbook’s pictures from the event, check out Soshified’s Photos Section. The two were also featured on the CH3 MorningNews show in Thailand, which can be viewed in the video below:

It was a special trip for Tiffany in Thailand. Not only could she further herself and Girls’ Generation in endorsing a new product, but she also felt the love of fans that ensured she would have a truly memorable birthday.

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