Thank you to SONE who spent Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary together~~^^
While having our SMTOWN concert at the Tokyo Dome today, we received many congratulations!
I was a lot happier because I was there with all my members♡
Just like the great love SONEs give us, we will do just as good….♡ (Translator’s note: Taeyeon is saying Girls’ Generation will work hard)
Let’s give each other gifts^^
Please take care of us in the future, SONE!
I love you^^

Taengoo holding flowers on her birthday!! ㅎㅎ


Whether Girls’ Generation is wearing rubber gloves on our hands.. or our feet..
Because there are SONEs who love us unconditionally…
It really makes me look forward to what else we can make happen next together (personally)ㅋㅋ
[You’re] really precious… Really thank you… And I love you so much…………happy 5th♥


Do you remember how we first met on August 5th of 2007? Hehe
I got on stage half-worried and half-excited…
Since then I lived with only excitement, without worry for 5 years.
Why is it that I’m always excited to meet you even after 5 years? Ehehehe bbuing bbuing
Sorry if I made you cringe. I can’t help it since it’s the 5th anniversary :-)
To the members who came with me along this journey, friends and family that always supported me,
To the SMTOWN staff members who worked hard to have the entire world’s attention on us, (Translator’s note: Sooyoung is using lyrics from “The Boys”.)
And SONEs who looked at us and supported us no matter what.
Today was a day where all sorts of feelings mixed together. Thank you so much.
We can only pay you back with better performances right? Hehe
Since you worked so hard to plant seeds in front of us and watered them with love,
they bloomed, and we will now walk along the flower path. (Translator’s note: Sooyoung is using lyrics from “How Great is Your Love”.)
I keep saying things that make you guys cringe hohohoho you miss us right?! Keke
Wait just a bit more, we’ll feel those butterflies in the stomach soon +_+
There’s a lot of rumors going around, but all I can say is “soon” ㅠ-ㅠ
(No, the title song is not “Soon”. That’s a friendly tip from Kind Goddess Sooyoung, just in case SONEs are coming up with crazy ideas.) Hehe
Anyways, I am RE—ALLY happy after receiving all the congratulations!! Yoohoo!!
Girls’ Generation is now five years old.
Until we are fifty!! Soshi wants to “Dream Forever with You” (Translator’s note: This is the Korean title for Girls’ Generation’s song “Forever”.)

P.S.: If a skilled SONE translates this and spreads it far and wide, I will love that person……………………………………………











You thought it was over right? +_+
It’s been a while since I wrote a message, so I can’t leave out my drama promotions right? Kyokyo
Since today is the 5th, there’s only a month left!
September 5th. Wednesday and Thursday nights at 11PM on tvN. “The 3rd Hospital”. Watch it.
This has been a 5th anniversary letter to SONEs from a way-too-happy Sooyoung~!!
Bye bye!! This is really it!!


I’m greeting you for the first time in a while.

Today is the 5th year since Girls’ Generation debuted.
For 5 years after their debut, we thank fans who have always supported them,
and I’m leaving you Girls’ Generation at their 5th anniversary party.
I ask that you continue to show unchanging support for Girls’ Generation~!
Thank you!

Right now is Girls’ Generation!





Source: Girls’ Generation Official Website 1, Girls’ Generation Official Website 2, Girls’ Generation Official Website 3, Girls’ Generation Official Website 4
Translated by: dongie@soshified, ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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