On August 3rd, Girls’ Generation attended a launching event in Japan for GiRL de Provence to promote their signature perfumes. Dressed in cute summer fashion, the members were also able to answer a number of questions for reporters during a press conference that was held.

Girls’ Generation is of course no stranger to Japan, though each trip brings something different. Taeyeon told the reporters, “I’m really happy that we could do this kind of event here in Japan. I feel really happy and honored that we could come.” A question asked to the members was how they “keep” their beautiful legs, to which Sooyoung answered, “There is no secret.” The other members also jokingly added, “We’re just a bunch of girls that like to eat, we even eat sweet things too,” and “We talk a lot too and that uses up a lot of energy, so even if we don’t do a lot of activities, there probably won’t be a problem.”

Finally, Hyoyeon asked both reporters and fans to “cheer for them and give them lots of love” as Girls’ Generation continues to promote in Japan. More photos of the GiRL de Provence launching event can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Girls’ Generation will also be performing at “SMTOWN Live World Tour III” in Tokyo tomorrow and August 5th.

Sources: modelpress, joshiplus
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