(Translator’s note: it is not indicated who is answering what question.)

Q: You’ve reached the senior level amongst girl groups. I think you’d feel responsibilities. What do you think about this?

A: “When we go to broadcast stations for music programs, there are a lot more juniors now. Every time, I think, ‘Ah~ We’ve been active a long time.’ Along with wanting to work harder, I do feel responsibilities. However, because I’ve always been active with my members since I was younger, it always feels the same.”

Q: From a cute, fresh image, your image has changed a lot, to the point where people now say you look “chic”. What do you think about these changes?

A: “Because I’m showing myself growing gradually, I think I’m just being told about my continuously changing image. People around me have been telling me I’ve been looking great a lot. We debuted before we were in our 20’s. Just like how each year, going from high school to your first, second, and third years in university is different, us nine girls growing naturally through our promotion concepts feels the same way. Our dancing and performances skills have been increasing through various Korean and overseas activities and live tours, and we’ve gained know-how’s.”

Q: The members were girls and have become women. Looking at the choreography and outfit concepts of your most recent single, “The Boys”, you are able to see a more mature image than before. Do you think it was appealing? Also, what kind of Girls’ Generation do you think fans want?

A: “I think we were able to show a different charm that Girls’ Generation has through ‘The Boys’. The performances were a lot more dynamic and powerful, and I think the Girls’ Generation that fans want is one that continues to change into something new and grow. What will the music on the next album be like? How will the performances be? What kind of style will they pull off? I want to become a group that brings up these types of curiosities.”

Q: Looking at your seniors Fin.K.L and S.E.S., girl groups can be met with a crisis. They have found their own positions through sexiness (Lee Hyori), more polished singing (Ock Juhyun), and acting (Sung Yuri, Eugene). What kind of future are Girls’ Generation members planning? I would like to ask for an answer if there are members who have thought about this.

A: “……” (Translator’s note: the members of Girls’ Generation did not answer.)


Q: Have you seen the movie, “Sunny”? If Girls’ Generation were a movie, I think, in the future, it will be like the days in that movie. How do you want to spend your 20’s? Could Sunny, with the same name as the movie, answer this?

Sunny: “I want to experience a lot of things while being active as a Girls’ Generation member. I made a new attempt at musicals and am in ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Not only do I want to sing, I want to do musicals and try my hand at different areas of work. I want to experience and learn different things and want to spend my 20’s enjoyably.”

Q: Let’s talk about the recently released “Twinkle” from Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. It seems elegance, beauty, maturity, and a fairy tale-like feel are all expressed through it. I want to know what your current unit activities mean [to you] and what the other members think of it.

A: “We think of it as a chance for certain members to show their own colors that they could not in Girls’ Generation. While members are currently active in dramas, musicals, MCing, and in variety shows, the three of us just showed a different side of ourselves through music and performances. How do the other members feel? They cheer us on and monitor [performances] a lot. On first performance dates, they all came to the broadcast stations and encouraged us.”

Q: When it comes to Yoona and Yuri, the two of you have been meeting fans through dramas recently. What do you personally do to show good acting?

A: “We put an effort towards becoming the person in the drama and not Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Yuri. The way we talk, how we express our emotions, and hairstyles; we tried analyzing how we could express our roles well… We got advice from the directors as well as senior actors. ‘Love Rain’ and ‘Fashion King’ were both busy schedules, but we tried to keep up with it without getting exhausted.”

Q: Looking at the members now, acting, MCing music programs, doing unit activities, and appearing in variety shows, aside from it being just an engine pushing you forth, it seems you all are being your own generators. If asked, “What is Girls’ Generation’s final goal?”, how would you answer?

A: “A final goal? It’s a difficult question. While receiving some award, winning number one a few times, and setting records are nice, I wish Girls’ Generation would be a team that gives a lot of people energy like we do now. Also, I want to become a team where people feel happy just hearing our name ‘Girls’ Generation’, and make people anticipate things whenever they hear news like, ‘Girls’ Generation will be releasing a new album’, or ‘There will be a concert’. Also, I want our members to be active in various areas of work and grow from it.”

Q: I think there would be days where you can’t see one another because you’re so busy. Is there a secret way you maintain your teamwork while you’re busy? Also, which member usually plays that role (in maintaining teamwork)?

A: “We have made a mobile messenger group chat, and we talk through that often. After always spending time together, because this is a time where we focus more on individual activities, I think we’ve grown more loving towards one another. If there is a member who is exhausted or worried about something, we send funny pictures or stories, trying to make them laugh, and give them advice too. Even if we can’t see one another in person, we are still together through the messenger.”

Q: Was today’s interview fun?

A: “It was amusing because you asked such good questions. It was nice because it felt like we were communicating with fans. We hope there are more times like this in the future.”

Q: In closing, could you tell us about your future plans?

A: “While we are currently active with individual schedules, we are still Girls’ Generation before any of that. We will work hard in preparing for Girls’ Generation’s activities and are planning on showing a different side of us. Please look forward to what kind of song and performance we will be putting on. Ah! And starting with the Los Angeles concert at the end of May, there will be a SMTOWN Live world tour. We are planning on meeting fans that are overseas through these concerts, so we hope they wait for us.”

Q: It’s sad, but I think we need to say our goodbyes. Last words to our readers!

A: “’KBS K-wave’ readers and Girls’ Generation’s fans! Please love Girls’ Generation lots, and keep watching us in a positive light! Thank you. Right now is Girls’ Generation!!”

Source: hanryulove’s Daum Cafe
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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