In April of this year, LG Electronics released the “Girls’ Generation TV”, a special Cinema 3D TV set with a youthful concept that came in either red or white, with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and Seohyun as its official models. This television set is currently becoming a success in the market as LG has begun to advertise the television as a Olympics special product, using several CFs centered around the upcoming London Olympics. As of the first week of July, the “Girls’ Generation TV” has sold a total of 20,000 units, and sold 10,000 units in the month of June alone, making the television a “big hit”. According to convention in the sales and business world, a television which costs over two million won (roughly 1741.93 US dollars) and sells over 5,000 units is considered a “hit”, and sales of the “Girls’ Generation TV” are thus seen as very high.

Check out the most recent Cinema 3D TV CFs featuring Girls’ Generation and the Olympics below.


Source: etnews via Daum, soneHD@YouTube 1, soneHD@YouTube 2
Translated by: taengbear@soshified
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