On July 22nd, Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyungsuk won first place on “Dancing with the Stars II”, on an episode which showed six teams performing live for the seventh time. The mission for the day was “My Story”, in which the contestants expressed their life stories in dancing.

On that day, Hyoyeon visited the SM Entertainment practice room thinking about her seven years as a trainee and expressed gratitude towards her parents for looking out for her. She thanked them by saying, “I wasn’t sure if I was a good dancer, but my father discovered my talent and suggested I become a singer.”

Furthermore, when she was asked what Girls’ Generation means to her, she replied with a big smile, “Girls’ Generation isn’t like a treasure to me, but a ‘miracle’. I’m still amazed that I’m part of Girls’ Generation.”

However, Hyoyeon also has a lot of worries because there are nine members. When she was asked what are some things that burden her by being part of Girls’ Generation, she replied, “How I can be recognized. It’s hard to have the name ‘Hyoyeon’ publicized in Girls’ Generation.”

She showed more willpower by saying, “I’m glad I can get recognized through ‘Dancing with the Stars II’. I’ll work harder.”

This episode also featured Hyoyeon’s audition clip, in which she showed powerful locking dance moves in her childhood, along with clips of senior artists talking about “Dancing Queen Hyoyeon”.

When Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo was asked in an interview which girl group he looked upon the most, he replied, “I’m a Girls’ Generation fan, and I always had an interest in Hyoyeon because she danced so well, thinking she could be the next BoA. I’m glad she accomplished her dream.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, who Hyoyeon shared her trainee days with, said, “Hyoyeon danced so well among 100 trainees and stood out the most. I also went to Hyoyeon to learn to dance.”

Unfortunately, Hyoyeon was unable to perform live on “Dancing with the Stars II” due to promotions for “PAPARAZZI” in Japan, but won first place with a pre-recorded segment which showed a combination of her powerful locking and the cha-cha-cha. The Kim Kayoung and Kim Kangsan team sadly was eliminated.

Download Hyoyeon’s segment from “Dancing with the Stars II” from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section or check it out below.

Sources: TVReport, Mydaily, [email protected]
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