Recently, Sooyoung was featured in the 77th issue of “High Cut” magazine. She did an interview with the magazine in which she discussed her acting role, her interest in fashion, as well as her social status as a member of Girls’ Generation. You can follow h-t to check about them more.

Q. You will finally be making your official attempt at acting in “The 3rd Hospital”. This is your first time acting in a drama whereas before you acted in the movie, “Hello, Schoolgirl”.
A. It is a drama that I have long been looking forward to. I’ve been looking at the script for “The 3rd Hospital” since last year, so I have confidence in it. There were better opportunities, but I chose the role of Euijin in “The 3rd Hospital” for the reason that without her, you can’t explain the entire context of the drama. I daringly chose this character, because I thought it could persuade and move the viewers.

Q. What kind of character is Euijin? Since she is a violist, I assume that you’ve practised a bit?
A. She has a very cheerful and bubbly personality, but she also has a troubled side to her. The way she seems honest and laid-back but hides her inner feelings is something I can relate to. Euijin also expresses her feelings honestly to the person she likes, but that’s not like me at all (laughs). As for the viola, I don’t have any musical instruments that I know how to play, so I was thinking that I would use this role as a chance to learn diligently. However, as is to be expected, nothing in this world is easy. I am still working hard though, so that I won’t have to use a double.

Q. There are some people who look at idols’ attempts at acting negatively. Are you prepared for that?
A. I have been received acting lessons since before my debut. I got cast in “Hello, Schoolgirl” through an audition, and that was before I became a Girls’ Generation member. I thought I was prepared, but instead I started panicking after the first shoot. I never said that I was confident in acting, and I don’t want to start now (laughs). Also, I honestly don’t think too much about those negative views towards idols. I’m Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, so what can I do? I don’t want to tell them to look at me as actress Choi Sooyoung. I should just be thankful that I’m able to show to them a different side of me.

Q. Your co-actors Kim Seungwoo and Oh Jiho are known for having good manners on set. Did you get any help from them?
A. When I met with senior Kim Seungwoo, it seemed like he only saw me as an idol, but as we continued filming, I could feel that he was really just being a modest person. During scenes in which only my point of view was shown, he would stand silently in front of me so I could capture the right emotions for the scene. He could’ve rested during those scenes, so I was really thankful that he didn’t. Oh Jiho Oppa coaches me directly. While I don’t have aegyo, Euijin has a lot of aegyo. He would coax those emotions out of me saying, “If you don’t make an aegyo-filled expression in this scene, then the scene can’t be explained or understood.” I think very highly of the seniors whenever I see them capture their emotions as soon as the word “action” is heard.

Q. It looks like aegyo is hard for you. Couldn’t you have learned it from the other Girls’ Generation members?
A. Those girls don’t have aegyo for guys. To be completely honest, I’ve never seen them show their aegyo to guys before (laughs).

Q. It seems like your face got darker talking about acting.
A. I liked this drama very much, and I got impatient when I had to wait so long for filming. I went around telling people, “I have to do well.” Even though they never witnessed my acting before, people would comfort me saying, “But you’re good.” At some point, I really believed that I was good, but as soon as we started filming, I began to let go of that thought. The only thing I think about now is how I will convey Euijin’s character. I’m just doing the best that I can, putting in plenty of effort so that I’ll be satisfied, and so that I won’t regret it in the future.

Q. The members trying their hands at acting must support and keep in check with one another.
A. They’re really great. Jessica, Yuri, and Yoona would practice acting during their busy schedules with only a few pages of the script. I had the entire script in my hand because my drama was in pre-production, but even if you tell me to eat at a fully served table, I won’t be able to. I told them, “I’m starting to feel respect for you.” Yuri and Yoona would be chatting about what happened on the set and they’d tell me, “I believe in you, Unnie. You’re good at this.” They would then share some advice with me. I’m really thankful when Yoona, who has acted a lot, shows concern for me and asks me things. Either way, it’s a good thing that they’re all doing well. We’re Girls’ Generation. I think that I must also still be responsible for Girls’ Generation’s career.

Q. When you’re promoting together, you’re a member of the greatest girl group in Korea, but as you’ve started individual activities and gone into acting, you’ve become a rookie again. How do you overcome that gap?
A. I used to feel small when I was alone. But now that people call me “Sooyoung-sshi” even when I’m by myself. I think, “Girls’ Generation has become this big. Without this group, where would I get this kind of treatment?” If you look at it like that, isn’t it special treatment? How could a rookie actor get the same great opportunity? Because of that, I’ve become more humble after starting individual activities, and I am also thankful to my members.

Q. Girls’ Generation members have all been doing solo activities since the end of last year. Are you planning on continuing on with the “separately but together” strategy?
A. Rather than deciding on the time for individual activities, we have a system in which we adjust group schedules based on individual ones. Even if there is a drama during album promotions, a member will still be able to become an actress. My wish is that we will all focus on the album when it releases.

Q. What is it like living as a member of Korea’s greatest girl group? I want to hear the pros and cons.
A. To be honest, everything that I do, I would like to do with my members. I’m sad that we can’t do activities outside together since people will recognize us. The pros are actually everything but these. Thanks to my members, I have succeeded in life. While others at my age are working in part-time jobs, trying to earn money for their tuition, I’m riding in a “dream car” with eight others. Compared to what I’m incapable of doing, I have been given a lot of things, and I have received a lot of love. The burden of having to do something as a member of Girls’ Generation is something to be proud of.

Q. Recently, the nickname “fashionista” has been added to the front of your name.
A. I’m not sure why, but I have always received a lot of invites to fashion events. When I was little, my mom had a lot of interest in fashion. I’m a bit conservative, so when I see someone wearing black undergarments with a see-through shirt, I ask, “Isn’t that too racy?” But my mom wittily replies, “Aren’t you supposed to wear it to show it off?” I have a lot of interest in fashion because I’m like my mom, so I’m glad that you acknowledged that during this photoshoot.

Q. Along with you, another member who seems to have a lot of interest in fashion is Jessica.
A. Jessica and Hyoyeon have a lot of interest in it, which I think is also why flashy clothes suit them. I actually didn’t know Jessica had that much interest in fashion. She used to only wear white t-shirts with jeans. Now, because she has a pretty body and knows what suits her, she’s really become a fashionista.

Q. Lastly, could you tell us about Sooyoung and Girls’ Generation’s plans for the rest of the year?
A. I will be filming for “The 3rd Hospital” up until August at most, and then a new Japanese single will be released. After that, we’ll be following various overseas concerts with SMTOWN, so I think we will be able to meet Korean fans somewhere in the second half of the year. I can give good word that I will also be working as an MC. I’ve actually been working hard with college life lately. Midterms ended last week, and I just submitted a report this week. I wasn’t able to match my schedule with my close friends this semester, so I’ve been sitting at a coffee shop in between classes all by myself. Heuk heuk (crying noises).

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