On June 22nd, Girls’ Generation performed “PAPARAZZI” live for the first time on TV Asahi’s “Music Station”. Dressed in the black and white outfits with pink gloves from the music video, the nine members delivered a flawless performance of the fast-paced and complex choreography.

Before their performance, “Music Station” aired an introduction showing Girls’ Generation’s recent activities, including their release of “The Boys” and their participation in “SMTOWN Live World Tour III”. Girls’ Generation then took part in a talk segment in which Sooyoung spoke in Japanese and mentioned that the members of Girls’ Generation have been waiting and looking forward to once again meeting their Japanese fans. Taeyeon, who spoke in Korean, discussed the camera pose in the song’s choreography and said that each girl gave the dance her own flavor. Finally, Yoona spoke in Japanese and said that the members were nervous because it was their first time performing the single. After their performance, Girls’ Generation also left their autographs in thanks to “Music Station”.

In addition, Girls’ Generation has released the “GOLD” version of the “PAPARAZZI” music video, the third of five music videos for their latest single. This version of the music video features the members in the black and white outfits and pink gloves seen in the previous music videos and on “Music Station”.

Download Girls’ Generation’s performance on “Music Station” in Soshified’s Video Downloads Section and check out the “GOLD” version of the “PAPARAZZI” music video below.

Source: [email protected], TV Asahi
Written by: bhost909@soshified
Contributor: SeraphKY@soshified

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