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It’s good to see that Girls’ Generation – TTS is doing so well; it seems that the idea of subunits might be popular. If you got to choose the next subunit, who would they be, what would they be called and what would you have them sing?
-Solstice of Light


I’d like to see Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany together in a subunit. I know that was the rumoured trio before Girls’ Generation – TTS was announced and from what I know, people were pretty excited to have them put together. Having them in a trio seems pretty fun because then Tiffany will become the maknae of the group and it’ll be interesting to see how she acts. I suppose they’ll sing something which shows off their vocals, but I actually hope that they promote a ballad instead of the typical catchy tunes. For example, I wished that Girls’ Generation – TTS had actually promoted “Love Sick” instead of “Twinkle” because the song is absolutely amazing, and it’ll be interesting to see an idol group promote a slow song. All the other idol groups out there are pushing out fast-paced, addictive beats, and I think that it would have been very unique if Girls’ Generation – TTS had broken away from the stereotypical song. Calling them Girls’ Generation – TJT would be too boring, so I would choose… TaeNySic? Maybe not…


I would absolutely love to see a dance-centric subunit. HyoYoonYulSoo would be a killer dance combination where they could really push themselves with awesome choreography that could fit more of Hyoyeon’s style of popping and locking, something that is rarely seen in Girls’ Generation’s songs. I think for that particular group, a hip-hop track would be a perfect choice. Yuri and Hyoyeon’s husky and soulful voices fit the genre well, and Sooyoung and Yoona provide a nice compliment with their higher voices. I could see a lot of combinations of rapping and singing as well. A lot of people might say these four would not be as good because they are not known as the vocal powerhouses of the group, but all four of their voices have certain sweet spots that sound really great. It’s not always about the highest range or soaring ad-libs, and they could deliver a really powerful stage performance. As for the name, I would bet money SM would still go with the “Girls’ Generation – Initials” naming concept, which I think is perfect. It keeps the Girls’ Generation name and makes sure it is known that even though it’s a subunit, they are still Girls’ Generation. I guess they would continue with ordering by age, so Girls’ Generation – HYSY gogo!

a) I know this happened a while back, but how do you think Girls’ Generation feels about SONEs after the incident involving Taeyeon at the Angel Price Music Festival?
b) What word would you use to describe Girls’ Generation’s journey from the beginning to where they are now?


Firstly, just because one fan happened to express his love for the girls by pulling Taeyeon off the stage doesn’t immediately make the rest of us the same. I trust the girls would know that not all fans are like that and that there are other fans out there who truly support them and care for their well-being. Being pulled away by a random stranger can’t be a fun experience for anyone, and I feel sorry for Taeyeon, but I think she understands that the rest of the fans don’t have ill intentions for any of them.

Rollercoaster. They’ve had their ups and downs since debut, but I hope that from now on it’ll be a straight ride up till they reach space.


It must have been very hard for Taeyeon after that incident. I can imagine it would put a lot of fear in her about something like that happening again, because it’s impossible to know that every single fan who gets near them has good intentions. This is what security is for, and it’s good that the security has been a lot better since that incident about keeping the girls safe. All that said, the girls without a doubt know that was a very isolated and extreme incident and that the very vast majority of fans are not like that and would never do anything to put the girls in any kind of danger. Some of the more scary times are when there are a lot of fans around in close proximity, such as at an airport, but the girls are well protected, and they still enjoy being around fans very much from what I can tell. I mean just the other day Jessica went shopping as part of a Coming Step event. There were tons of fans very close to her, and Jessica was literally just playing around with them and chatting while shopping.

This might sound weird but stick with me here. Iceberg. The girls put so much effort and hard work into what they do, and it’s all for just a few minutes in a music video or music show performance, or a few hours in a concert, or an hour on a variety show. They trained for years before their debut. They’ve worked tirelessly for years to put together amazing music and television shows. We only get to see the results of all that hard work; the tip of the iceberg. What’s underneath that finished product is a huge amount of blood, sweat, and tears that we never see, and probably won’t ever fully understand.

What is the funniest moment of Girl’s Generation you have ever watched?


This is impossible to answer!

I guess my favourite moment would be when the girls are being themselves and arguing among themselves. For example, “Intimate Note” was a hilarious show to watch, but sadly Tiffany couldn’t be there for the filming. Also, “Running Man” was a pretty funny show. I particularly enjoy watching shows which allow the girls to show their personality, so “Hello Baby” is one of my favourites. Especially in the episodes when Jessica and Yoona team up to bully Tiffany and Sooyoung into eating spiked food and when Taeyeon shouts “Bring the nipple!” I liked watching “Win Win”, too.


Ok so there are a million hilarious moments with these nine girls, but there is one that always comes to my mind. On “Star Golden Bell”, Jessica has her typical late reaction to someone saying “lactic acid bacteria”, and she can’t stop laughing. There is something about Jessica’s laughter at that point that makes me laugh so hard I cry. Every. Single. Time.

Do you think the girls get bored of performing the same song over and over again at times like now when Girls’ Generation – TTS is promoting “Twinkle”?

-Jamie 占美


Well honestly, who wouldn’t get bored? However, I think the girls get the motivation to continue giving their best in their performances even though they perform it at least four times a week during promotions from their determination to succeed, as well as the fans. When you’ve worked so long and so hard for something you really want, I don’t think just performing the same song over and over again would make you want to give up your dream.


It probably depends on the song. I’m sure they love singing “Gee” for the bajillionth time… A lot of musicians say they end up hating their most popular song because they always have to perform it when they love some of their other songs they don’t get to perform as much. While the girls have said they appreciate “Gee” for what it’s given them, I kinda get the feeling they enjoy doing other songs more. I think if they do get bored it’s really hard to tell, because they always have so much fun on stage with each other anyway. It’s probably pretty difficult to get bored when things happen differently in the performances, like that one time where Sunny had some serious static electricity hair going on and the girls couldn’t stop laughing.

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