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Girls’ Generation Featured in Washington D.C. K-Pop Video Contest Promotion

The Korean Cultural Center in Washington D.C. recently announced a K-Pop Video Contest, where participants can win various prizes by sending in dance videos. In the video, Girls’ Generation were among the many artists that appeared to leave a short message promoting the contest. In addition to encouraging viewers to participate, the girls also expressed their wish to see everyone later at SMTown Los Angeles. Check out the Korean Cultural Center’s Facebook page for more information.

Pixie Lott Discusses Her Connection with Girls’ Generation

In an interview with the website XINMSN Entertainment, British songwriter Pixie Lott talked about life in the entertainment business, mentioning K-Pop in the process. She said that Girls’ Generation may have recorded one of the songs that she wrote, and she expressed her hope that this song will be included in their next album. To listen to her mentioning Girls’ Generation, skip to 1:50 on the video.


Ace Bed Releases Smartphone App Featuring Girls’ Generation

Ace Bed recently released a smartphone application featuring Girls’ Generation, who are currently endorsing the company’s sleep products. The application showcases the girls’ voices as alarms, as well as providing analysis of sleep patterns and advice for a good sleep. The application also contains exclusive pictures of Girls’ Generation, and is available for both iPhone and Android users.


L’Arc En Ciel Declare Themselves Fans of Girls’ Generation

While performing in Korea, the members of the popular Japanese band L’Arc En Ciel said that the K-Pop girl group they would like to see most in the audience was Girls’ Generation. They were all attracted to the amazing singing, dancing, and style of Girls’ Generation, which led the band to becoming fans of the girls.

Seohyun Sends “Thank You” Message to her Teacher

On May 15, in honor of Teachers’ Day, Seohyun sent a message to her teacher in order to express her gratitude. It is a common practice in South Korea for students to give their teachers carnations and other gifts on this holiday. The text was sent to her former high school homeroom teacher on Teacher’s Appreciation Day, which read, “Teacher. I miss you so much. It’s Teacher’s Appreciation Day but I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to you. I’m always grateful for you. When my activities end, I’m going to bring an album to you! I love you.” Fans commented, “Taking the time out of her busy schedule to thank her teacher, she really is a model individual,” and also “even her heart is so pretty!”

Urban Zakapa Tweets Photo of Girls’ Generation – TTS’s Album

One of the members of Urban Zakapa, an indie-jazz group, recently tweeted about his encounter with Taeyeon. He said that Taeyeon came to meet him in the waiting room for “MBC Icon”, where she gave him a “Twinkle” album and told him that she liked his group’s music. In the tweet, the Urban Zakapa member encouraged his followers to support Girls’ Generation – TTS as well.

Brandon Fraley Thanks Girls’ Generation – TTS for an Autographed Copy of “Twinkle”

Brandon Fraley, composer for the song “Twinkle”, thanked Girls’ Generation – TTS on Twitter for sending him an autographed copy of their mini-album, “Twinkle”. In his tweet, he also included a picture of the mini-album and the autographs. He ended his message saying that he can’t wait to meet them very soon.

Actor Kim Dongwook Reveals That He Keeps in Contact with Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

On a recent episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment”, actor Kim Dongwook was interviewed for his new movie, “The King’s Concubine”. In the interview, he was asked how hard it was for him to get actress’ phone numbers, to which he replied, “They give them to me first.” Fellow cast member Kim Minjoon mentioned, “I heard you know the Girls’ Generation members’ phone numbers,” to which he replied, “Yes. I personally keep in touch with Sunny. My stylist works with Girls’ Generation too.”

Perez Hilton Covers Girls’ Generation – TTS’s “Twinkle” MV

Popular celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton recently mentioned Girls’ Generation – TTS’s music video for “Twinkle”, heralding it as a K-Pop masterpiece, mentioning that their MV was “TOTES over-the-top” while complimenting their dance moves and adding that this is a prime example of why he loves K-Pop.


Tiffany Leaves a Message Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

Tiffany left a message on the Girls’ Generation official website, thanking SONEs for an enjoyable week. Along with the message, she also posted a new photo of Girls’ Generation – TTS together, showing the three members looking cheerful in their performance outfits for “Inkigayo”. You can read the message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Gagman Kim Daebom Tweets a Photo of Himself With Girls’ Generation – TTS

Gagman Kim Daebom took a picture with Girls’ Generation – TTS and uploaded it to his Twitter account after the girls’ recent guest appearance on “Gag Concert”. In the picture, the girls make cute gestures while Kim Daebom does a dramatic pose with his arms.

JQ Tweets a Picture of Himself With Tiffany and Seohyun

JQ, CEO and producer at the company Loview Music, recently tweeted a photo of himself posing with Tiffany and Seohyun. JQ joked that he felt like he was standing between two goddesses, and as a result, his heart almost stopped.

Taeyeon Leaves a Message on the Official Japanese Mobile Fansite

Taeyeon left a message to her Japanese fans. She said that she wanted to meet all of them and told them that every member is working hard with their solo activities. You can see the full message in the Translated Goodies Section.

Girls’ Generation – TTS Take a Picture with DJ Young John Kim

Girls’ Generation – TTS did an interview with DJ Young John Kim, for Arirang TV’s morning program, “Korea Today”. The official Twitter for “Korea Today” tweeted a picture of Young John Kim with the girls and wrote to tune in next week to find out what the girls had to say in the interview.

Park Jiwoo Tweets Picture of Himself with Tiffany and Hyoyeon 

A photo of Tiffany visiting Hyoyeon at her filming site of “Dancing With the Stars 2” was recently revealed by Park Jiwoo, when he tweeted a picture of him with the two girls. Both girls are holding their hands to their heads in a peace sign in the picture while Park Jiwoo stands between them with his hands on their shoulders.

Jang Geunsuk Tweets a Photo of Himself with Yoona

Jang Geunsuk, Yoona’s co-actor in the drama “Love Rain”, recently tweeted a selca of him and Yoona together. In his tweet, he remarked that he was initially nervous about taking a two-shot with Yoona. He also said that he had her permission to upload the picture. In the photo, Yoona is showing off a cute pose while Geunsuk pretends to hold her head with his fingers.

Seohyun Leaves a Message Girls’ Generation’s Official Website

Seohyun left a message on the Girls’ Generation official website with a cute picture of Girls’ Generation – TTS in their performance outfits for ‘Music Bank”. In her message, she thanked SONEs for always sharing their love with Girls’ Generation. You can read the full message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

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SONE Picture/Video of the Week

This week’s featured “SONE Video” is made by sones-vn in dedication to Sunny’s 23rd birthday. The 7-minute video includes several cuts of our “Aegyo Queen” on variety shows such as KBS2 TV’s “Invincible Youth” and jTBC’s “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”. Be prepared to laugh as the video shows the numerous sides of Sunny which never cease to amaze us. Happy 23rd (24th) birthday, Sunny!

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