Months of religious planning paid off as Soshified Philippines (SSFPH) managed to bring the SONEs out during its third gathering held in Meeting Rooms 12-13 of the SMX Convention Center last April 14th. Attendees were spotted within the vicinity of SMX hours before the event started. SONE from the north of Manila as well as from the Visayas and Mindanao regions came to the much-awaited event. All participants were welcomed with music videos, fancams, and concert tour clips of Girls’ Generation.

The program kicked off with a video introduction consisting of the “Beautiful Girls” MV and the third gathering teaser. DJs Prince, Park, Elli and Eric of S9: Soshified Philippines Radio were accompanied by MC Rainne as they welcomed the crowd with an ice breaker. The hosts asked “Jiguemeun?” (right now) which was followed by a resounding response of “So Nyeo Shi Dae!” All hosts had their own MC tags similar to that of MBC’s “Music Core”.

The event continued with games, dance covers, and fantastic prizes. All attendees participated in Human Bingo, a game where one fills up a sheet with signatures from persons that satisfy the description printed on the card. Participants had to find a person sharing the same OTP and bias, among others. Another game involved contestants saying the name of their favorite member and sustaining it while clips featuring their bias played on the screen.


K-Ace Klosed, U9G, Nappeun Namja, Queen Shidae, Oh!MyGee and the Cyber Swiss Girls graced the event with their performances. Coffee Melon and JKL Acoustics mellowed out the crowd with their acoustic sets. The performances were capped off by an electrifying number from the SSFPH Dance Crew.

Raffle prizes were given away throughout the event. Various Girls’ Generation merchandise, t-shirts, albums, Japan support photo booklets, and gifts from the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines were some of the items given out to the attendees. To further satisfy their thirst for Girls’ Generation stuff and other K-Pop goodies, attendees flocked to the Fangirl Asia and Wenidokane exhibits.

Highlights of the gathering included showing off the birthday tribute video for Girls’ Generation’s Jessica. The video consisted of clips from different SSFPH members saying what they think identifies a GorJess spazzer. The video received love and attention as contributing fans spazzed over their share of clips. Another highlight showed 30 minutes of the Girls’ Generation Japan Concert Tour. Fans couldn’t get enough as they cheered as though they were part of the concert.

With over 250 attendees filling up the venue beyond capacity, the third gathering was the most well-received event for Soshified Philippines to date, and for real, we did bring the SONE out!

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Written by: eRiC@soshified and rown2k4@soshified
Edited by: SNSDave@soshified, michaelroni@soshified

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