Seohyun has recently become the first guest on SBS’s “100 Million Quiz Show” to get a perfect score. On May 18th, Seohyun guest starred on the show, showing her knowledge. Known to enjoy reading, she calmly answered each question she received, while adding explanations to her answers.

Seohyun made it to the final round of the show, where 40 million won (roughly $34,240 USD) and a car were on the line. In response to the final question, “What determines the color of an egg shell?”, Seohyun replied correctly, “It depends on the color of the hen.”

After becoming the first person in the history of the show to receive a perfect score, MC Kim Yongman couldn’t hide his surprise, commenting, “This has never happened before.” Viewers and fans alike responded, “What can’t she do?” and “She dances and sings well, she’s pretty and she’s even smart.”

Source: Joins MSN
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