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Girls’ Generation new single release after one year and two months!
On sale June 27th, 2012

■ The fourth Japanese original single has been confirmed for release after a year and two months since Girls’ Generation’s “MR. TAXI”.

■ It is a dance tune that uses their skills as much as possible, and Girls’ Generation’s dance performance spares nothing.

■ The song is an overseas musical composition from a team of American writers. The mix is arranged by Grammy award-winner Miles Walker, who also worked with Beyonce. The mastering was handled by world-famous Sterling Sound’s Tom Coyne.

■ There will be three different versions on sale. For the limited first-press edition, the music video commentary and the behind-the-scenes for the music video are compiled together into a two-set large newspaper-sized photobooklet. Photos from the shooting of the music video and members’ Q&A are also included.

■ There are a total of five versions of the music video. This is the highest number of versions for a music video in Girls’ Generation history. Some will be included with the goods and the music videos will be viewable at any time on Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page.

■ Special edition limited first press (CD + DVD) 1,920 yen (with tax) UPCH-89119
CD “PAPARAZZI” (Main+Instrumental)
DVD “PAPARAZZI” Music Video + Music Video (Close-up Version)
Special goods included with the limited first press → Two sets (A, B) of large newspaper-sized photobooklet

Photos from the shooting of the music video recording and member’s Q&A included.
Jacket design A

■ Regular Edition (CD+DVD)1,590 yen (with tax) UPCH-80279
CD “PAPARAZZI” (Main+Instrumental)
DVD “PAPARAZZI” (Music Video)
Jacket design B

■ Regular Edition (CD)1,100 yen (with tax) UPCH-80278
CD “PAPARAZZI” (Main+Instrumental)
Jacket design B

The special edition limited first press version, regular CD and DVD edition, and regular CD edition are currently available for pre-order at CDJapan, HMV, Universal Music and YesAsia.

Special edition limited first press:

CDJapan, HMV, Universal Music, or YesAsia

Regular CD and DVD edition:

CDJapan, HMV, Universal Music, or YesAsia

Regular CD edition:

CDJapan, HMV, Universal Music, or YesAsia

[Update with teaser videos]:

A teaser video for Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single “PAPARAZZI” aired today on Japanese television. In the video, all nine girls are shown gathering on the stage of a theater which is filled with a large audience. The girls were shown wearing trench coats once the curtain opened to reveal the stage. Later, a short cut of the song was played as concept photos of the members appeared on screen. The full teaser video can be viewed below as well as the Japanese news segment with the audio preview.


Teaser video from SMTOWN YouTube.

Japanese news segment which contains “PAPARAZZI” audio teaser.

[Original article]:

Girls’ Generation’s Official Japanese Mobile Fansite recently announced that the new Japanese single, “PAPARAZZI”, will be released on June 27th.

The last single released in Japan by Girls’ Generation was “MR.TAXI”, which was released on April 27th, 2011. The girls also released their first Japanese album, self-titled “Girls’ Generation”, last year on June 1st. The album, along with the repackaged version, shipped over one million units, which is a first by a Korean girl group. The album was also certified double platinum by the Recording Industry of Japan.

Alongside the release of their first Japanese album, Girls’ Generation had also started their first Japan Arena concert tour on May 31st, which ended on July 18th last year. The concert tour had a total of fourteen performances with around 140,000 fans turning out to watch the girls.

Having achieved these amazing feats in Japan with their last Japanese album, anticipation is running high for the new single. The members of Girls’ Generation have been increasing the excitement by dropping little hints about the single, saying that it had a difficult, but powerful dance choreography.

Stay tuned to Soshified for the latest updates on the upcoming Japanese single.

Source: Japanese Mobile Fansite, Universal Music’s Girls’ Generation Page, [email protected], CDJapan, HMV, Universal Music
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