On April 2nd, Tiffany called DJ Isak on Isak’s new show “K-Poppin'” on Arirang Radio. Even though Tiffany was participating in a photoshoot when she made the call, she was still able to talk about quite a few subjects. Tiffany spoke about her plans for future musicals, watching Yuri and Yoona’s dramas, and visiting her family. She also made plans to visit Isak when possible and gave a shoutout to Girls’ Generation and “K-Poppin'” fans. Finally, Tiffany hinted at some new material from Girls’ Generation coming out soon, giving fans a reason to be excited. You can download the audio recording of Tiffany’s brief call into “K-Poppin” in Soshified’s Audio Downloads Section, or listen to it above.

Tiffany has been a guest on a couple of Isak’s shows before. Tiffany called in on Isak’s previous radio show “Midday Break”, and even gave a shoutout to Soshified. The audio recording of this call can also be found in Soshified’s Audio Downloads Section. Tiffany, along with Jessica, also visited Isak in 2009 on Isak’s Arirang TV show “Pops in Seoul”. You can find their visit in Soshified’s Video Downoads Section, or check it out below.




Sources: lee155080@youtube.com, Mushroomhwang@youtube.com
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