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SBS Releases a Music Video for “Fashion King”

SBS has released a music video that uses images and video clips of Yuri from the filming of “Fashion King”. Do you recognize the two Girls’ Generation songs that the music video is set to?

KBS Releases a Trailer for “Love Rain” OST

KBS has released a trailer to promote a track from the OST of “Love Rain”. The song featured in the trailer is called “Love Like Rain” by Na Yoonkwon, while the trailer shows scenes from both the 1970’s and the present day in “Love Rain”.

Yuri Attends Fan Event for “Fashion King”



On April 2nd, Yuri attended a fan event for “Fashion King”, during which she spoke to and watched an episode of her drama with fans. Yuri mentions her favorite line in the drama, what she does after an NG (a “No Good” attempt at a scene), and her thoughts on Yoona’s drama, “Love Rain”.

“Love Rain” Releases Behind-the-Scenes Footage

“Love Rain” has released behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the drama, showing the actors preparing to film scenes that take place during the present day. Jung Hana, Kim Yoonhee’s daughter, is played by Yoona, and Seo Joon, Seo Inha’s son, is played by Jang Geunsuk. The video includes an interview with Jang Geunsuk, while Yoona makes multiple apperances throughout the video.

SM Entertainment Releases an Interview with Sunny for “Catch Me If You Can”

SM Entertainment has uploaded an interview with Sunny onto its SMTown YouTube channel. In this short interview, Sunny talks about her first time acting in a musical and how she will work hard to make “Catch Me If You Can” a success.

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung Send a Message of Support to EXO

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung recently attended a showcase for SM Entertainment’s newest rookie group, EXO. Other SM Entertainment artists, such as Super Junior’s Leeteuk and f(x)’s Sulli, also attended. In their message to EXO, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung mentioned that EXO should organize an introduction, such as counting down before shouting together, similar to Girls’ Generation.


Seohyun Featured in April Edition of “Natural Beauty” Magazine

Seohyun is featured in the April edition of “Natural Beauty” magazine as part of her continuing endorsement for THEFACESHOP. Photos of Seohyun endorsing the THEFACESHOP’s skin-care products have also been released, showing off her healthy skin. You can check out the magazine scans and promotional picture in Soshified’s Photos Section.


Sooyoung Attends “Doomsday” Book Premiere

Sooyoung attended a book premiere for “Doomsday” on April 2nd. She can be seen dressed casually, but she still stands out due to her flower-patterned pants. You can check out the rest of the press photos in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Girls’ Generation Releases Custom Browser Themes

Girls’ Generation has released free custom browser themes for fans to download and use. The themes are compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and are designed to help fans keep up with news related to Girls’ Generation. You can download the custom themes here.

“Catch Me If You Can” Opens Online Goods Store

“Catch Me If You Can” has opened an online store selling “Catch Me If You Can”-themed goods. Items for sale include mouse pads, bromides, tumblers, crystal miniatures, phone cases, and key holders. You can check out the entire online store here.

Yuri’s Outfits in “Fashion King” Prove Popular Among Shoppers

Yuri’s various beautiful outfits in “Fashion King” have proven to be very popular. According to Yuri’s stylist, there have been many inquiries into the clothes and bags Yuri has worn or used in her drama. The stylist revealed, “Due to the interest [in her fashion items], it’s come to the point where the clothes Yuri wears are sold out in clothing stores. Sponsor requests from various brands are pouring in as well.”

“Love Rain” Mobile Application Released on iTunes

A phone application for “Love Rain” has been released on iTunes. Users can enjoy a picture slideshow featuring Yoona and Jang Geunsuk when they enter the application. There is also a section called “LIVE 60”, in which users can watch cuts from the drama. You can download the application here.

“Fashion King” Director Lee Myungwoo Raves About Yuri’s Acting Potential

The director of “Fashion King”, Lee Myungwoo, recently talked about Yuri’s acting in an interview. According to the director, “Yuri’s acting has improved tremendously. At first, there were a lot of requests made of Yuri while she was acting. There were also times where things were changed during filming. However, as time goes by, her skills are becoming better. If you point out things she lacks in, she takes the advice and applies it to her acting. More than anything, Yuri has an abundance of emotions. She also always appears prepared. She will make it big as an actress.” An SM staff member also said, “Yuri’s desire and passion to succeed as an actress is amazing. She doesn’t miss a single thing said by the director or senior actors and actresses on set, and works to master the advice they offer to her.”

Taeyeon and Tiffany Attend “Hyejin Hong Collection” Fashion Show

On April 4th, Taeyeon and Tiffany attended a fashion show for the “Hyejin Hong Collection”. They both looked gorgeous in their outfits and matching shoes. You can find more news photos of Taeyeon and Tiffany at the event in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Sooyoung Attends “Jain Song” Fashion Show

On April 5th, Sooyoung attended the “Jain Song” Fashion Show. She looked stunning and chic in her black shirt and colorful skirt. You can find more news photos of Sooyoung in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Hyoyeon Attends Lee Bohyun’s “Suecomma Bonnie Collection” Fashion Show

On April 5th, Hyoyeon attended Lee Bohyun’s “Suecomma Bonnie Collection” fashion show. Hyoyeon looked absolutely gorgeous in her blue dress. You can check out more media photos in Soshified’s Photo Section.

Taeyeon and Tiffany Emcee for “Korean Music Wave in Bangkok”

On April 7th, Taeyeon and Tiffany served as MCs for the “Korean Music Wave in Bangkok” concert. Along with Seohyun, the two are currently MCs for MBC’s “Music Core”, and used their experience from the weekly music show to host a successful concert alongside 2PM’s Nickhun. You can check out fan-taken photos from the concert in Soshified’s Photos Section.


Behind-the-Scenes Photos of “Invincible Youth 2” Filming Emerge

Behind-the-scenes photos of a filming for KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 2” have surfaced online. As Woori and Amber have left “Invincible Youth 2”, the photos show only six members instead of the usual eight. Two of the MCs, Hyunwoo and Soogeun, have also left the show. Kim Shinyoung, who was an MC for the first season of “Invincible Youth”, will be making a comeback to emcee alongside Boom in the second season.

Sooyoung Leaves Message on Japanese Mobile Fansite

Sooyoung recently left a selca and a message on a Japanese mobile fan site. In the selca, she can be seen making a “peace” sign and is showing her usual radiant beauty. You can find the translation of her message in Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Girls’ Generation Takes a Photo with Lee Jangwoo

A photo of Girls’ Generation backstage with Lee Jangwoo, a well-known actor, has emerged on an online community. The photo, which was taken during the “Music Bank” special in Paris, showed Girls’ Generation smiling happily for the camera. Lee Jangwoo was the host at this special edition of “Music Bank”.

Jessica Uploads New UFOTown Selca

Jessica recently uploaded a new selca onto UFOTown. She can be seen playfully showing her half-eaten waffle snack to the camera. With Girls’ Generation’s busy schedule, it’s always good to see the members eating.

Hong Seokcheon Tweets a Photo of Himself with Jessica

Hong Seokcheon, an actor and restauranteur, recently shared a photo on Twitter of himself with Jessica at his restaurant, “My Noodle”. Hong Seokcheon also tweeted that the man sitting next to Jessica was Koo Donghyun, a stylist. Finally, another person eating with Jessica at the time also shared this photo.

Girls’ Generation’s Official Facebook Page Posts a Photo of Yoona and Jeong Jinyeong

The staff of Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page posted a photo of Yoona with Jeong Jinyeong on the set of “Love Rain”. Jeong Jinyeong is another actor on “Love Rain”, and plays the middle aged version of Seo Inha.

Yoona’s Fans Prepare Catering Service for the Staff of “Love Rain”

The staff of Girls’ Generation’s Facebook page uploaded a photo of Yoona with the caption, “YoonA’s fans prepared catering service for the staffs of drama ‘사랑비.'” The photo shows Yoona posing next to a banner that reads, “Today it’s Yoonhee..? Hana…? Today it’s time for Yoona to pay (for the meal)! Enjoy!” How thoughtful of the fans to bring this catering service to the staff of “Love Rain”.

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SONE Picture/Video of the Week

A piano cover of Tiffany’s OST song for the drama “Love Rain”, “Because It’s You”, was uploaded onto YouTube. Even though the official version of the song is not out yet, the pianist performed a beautiful rendition of Tiffany’s OST song.

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