Yes, I'm having a coffee for my birthday. But feel free to keep looking at my gorgeousness.

Singing may be her usual occupation, but it’s not the only thing that defines her. Officially, she is also a dancer, actress, TV star, model, and all-around entertainer. But when she’s not on one of her many jobs, even more of Jessica Jung’s characteristics come out. She can be so shy that it looks like she’s disinterested, or she can be just as hyper as the other girls. No matter what personality Jessica takes on at any given time, just like Girls’ Generation isn’t complete without all nine girls, Jessica Jung is not complete without all of her lovable traits.

Having model looks is another one of my talents too.

Jessica obviously is most known for her gorgeous voice. Of course, this is expected from a main singer of the most successful girl group in South Korea, if not the world. Jessica’s high voice and wide vocal range beautifully add to any song she sings, and her trademark wails are always impressive. Even when just talking about her singing, Jessica is multi-talented, as she can take on many different genres, styles, groupings, and languages. She’s always featured no matter what piece she participates in, whether it’s the popular dance songs the girls are famous for, or the ballads the girls produce to slow things down. Jessica has contributed to the OSTs of “Romance Town” and “Wild Romance”, and she’s participated in duets or sung songs solo. In addition, who can forget her giving her all to a silly piece like “Naengmyun”?

Jessica loves "Naengmyun" so much that she wants to keep it to herself.

Of course, Jessica has to dance along to many of these songs just like the other girls. While she may not always be spot-on, she tries her best each time, and concentrates no matter if it’s an actual performance or a rehearsal, or even if she’s just going through the moves one more time before having to perform them. However, Jessica doesn’t just dance because it’s required for the job. Jessica has professed her love of dancing before. In fact, she loves dancing so much that she’s mentioned that any potential love interest must like dancing as well. And while Jessica is known for her singing, it may surprise you that when the members of Girls’ Generation were first being introduced as part of SM’s new girl group, Jessica’s teaser included a video of her dancing:

There’s no question that watching Jessica dance is entertaining. But she definitely knows how to maintain our interest in other ways as well. Even though she previously had minimal live theater experience, she was able to take the lead role in “Legally Blonde”, acting as well as singing in front of a live audience multiple times. She’s also taken her turn acting on the small screen, recently completing her role as Kang Jonghee on the KBS 2TV drama “Wild Romance”. (What wasn’t entertaining, though, was her kiss scene. That was heartbreaking. Until the cat came along. Go cat.)

Jessica as the always beautiful though sometimes bipolar Kang Jonghee.

Another thing that Jessica takes quite earnestly is her modeling. She’s posed for many magazine photoshoots, including for “Dazed and Confused”, “Marie Claire”, “1st Look”, and “W”, and all of these in just this past year. She models clothes for Coming Step. She’s even walked down the fashion runway at Seoul Fashion Week last year, and each time Jessica works as a model, she looks as gorgeous as ever. Many models are required to have a serious look while on the job, and Jessica is no exception. She’s famous for looking serious when she’s not officially doing anything as well, though it has been said before that that’s because she can be quite shy. Sometimes, this can even morph into disinterest or sleepiness. Nevertheless, the nickname “Ice Princess” is well-deserved based solely on her perceived demeanor.

I am an Ice Princess. Bow down to me.

However, anybody who has gotten to know Jessica says that she is quite warm and caring, with Yuri once referring to her as “warm ice”. She watches over her little sister Krystal, constantly giving her tips on how to succeed as a singer and always cheering her on. She can also go to the opposite extreme of her famous nickname, being cute or hyper like the rest of the girls. Many times, she goes one step further, and becomes a bully or becomes violent, though of course it’s always in a playful way.

Get over here and let me kiss your squishy face.

A cute and hyper Jessica may seem like a contradiction when compared to a serious and sleepy Jessica. On the surface, perhaps this is true. However, with Jessica Jung, this is not the case. This is merely Jessica being Jessica, and each of her many characteristics and talents add up to this wonderful, talented, and loveable person whom we all adore. She’s grown from the cute teenage girl we first got to know almost five years ago, into a beautiful young woman whom we can’t get enough of. But her talents and personality have remained the same, and there’s no reason that even though she’s becoming one year older today, they won’t continue to do so, giving us reason to love her even more.

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