On April 5th, Lotte Department Store released a set of three CFs starring Girls’ Generation. With the advertisements featuring snippets of “The Boys” choreography and eye-catching outfits, they leave a visual impact, which make them brilliant for the Lotte Department Store’s “Challenge Sale”.

The length of the CFs range from sixteen seconds to a minute, and they feature close-ups of the girls in front of photography lamps, which shows off their flawless skin. The CFs also include full-body shots of the girls dancing to moves popularized in their hit single “The Boys”. Their outfits were predominantly sleek gold and black, which showed off their trend-setting fashion, along with their much sought-after figures. The shots of the girls are mixed in with various elegant dance shots of other models in flowing gowns, adding to the sleek feeling of the CFs. The music to the CFs also adds to the drama and presence, with a prominent string melody accompanied by a gradually strengthening hip-hop beat.

The CFs showcase just a small fraction of the wide variety of clothes offered by the Lotte Department Store’s nine fashion brands, with the girls in their sophisticated club dresses and performance outfits, and the models in long, flowing gowns.

Check out the CFs below:

Source: 롯데 백화점@youtube.com
Written by: bethlyhem.@soshified
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