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SM Entertainment Releases Teaser for “I Am”

SM Entertainment released a teaser for “I Am”, a movie documenting the performances and daily lives of the artists during “SMTown Live in New York” last year. According to the teaser, the movie is set to be released in May of this year.

SBS Uploads an Interview with Yuri and a New Preview for “Fashion King”

SBS released an interview with Yuri and a new preview for “Fashion King”. During the interview, Yuri talks about her two week stay in New York and how she felt about the filming. The newest preview for “Fashion King” shows more of Yuri’s acting, and features a scene in which she leans in to kiss one of the lead actors.

Yuri Attends Press Conference for “Fashion King”

On March 14th, Yuri attended a press conference for her upcoming drama, “Fashion King”. She looked stunning in her dark blue dress, which even won “Outfit of the Week” on Soshified Styling. News and official photos from the press conference can be found here. Fashion King will begin airing tonight.

Innisfree Airs a New CF Featuring Yoona for Green Seed Cream

Innisfree has released a new CF featuring Yoona, in which she showed why she was the perfect choice for their advertisement campaigns with her flawless beauty. The new CF features their Green Seed Cream product.

Girls’ Generation’s Characters in FreeStyle Sports Dance to “The Boys”

Girls’ Generation’s new CF for FreeStyle Sports, games in which the girls are seen playing various sports, has garnered much attention among fans. In this video, Girls’ Generation’s characters in the FreeStyle Sports game dance to Girls’ Generation’s very own song, “The Boys”. Although the characters did not perfectly copy the dance’s choreography, it was still a very good attempt at recreating the dance moves in “The Boys” and incorporating it into the game.


Tiffany Appears In Vogue Girl Magazine

Tiffany is featured in the April edition of Vogue Girl magazine, and she continues to wow fans and fashion magazine readers alike with her unique look in each and every picture. View the rest of the scans in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Jessica Uploads a New UFOTown Picture

Jessica recently changed her display picture on UFOTown. In all four frames, she can be seen giving playful but beautiful smiles for the camera. Jessica’s bright expressions in her selca will surely lift anyone’s spirits.

Girls’ Generation Chosen as the Number One Idol People Want to Give Sweets to on White Day

In a poll of 455 netizens, Girls’ Generation was chosen as the number one idol they most want to give sweets to on White Day, a day when men give candy to the women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day. IU, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and T-ara came in second, third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Girls’ Generation to Perform at Lotte World for LG Cinema 3D World Festival

LG Electronics will be opening their “LG Cinema 3D World Festival” at the Lotte World Ice Rink on March 31st and April 1st. Along with a Starcraft 2 showmatch, Girls’ Generation will perform on April 1st. The members have been active as models for LG Cinema 3D, releasing promotional images and CFs. After seeing them in person at Lotte World, people will no doubt want to see them in 3D on their LG televisions.

Washington City Paper Mentions Girls’ Generation In Online Article

Girls’ Generation is briefly mentioned in an online article on the Washington City Paper, an American alternative weekly newspaper that serves Washington D.C. The article covers the opening of Freer’s Korean Film Festival and acknowledged the rising popularity of K-Pop. To read the full article, click here.

Tiffany Goes to See the Musical “Coffee Prince”

A member of the “Coffee Prince” musical cast, Yang Joo-in, tweeted that Tiffany came by to watch the show. Tiffany recently finished her role as Carmen in the musical “Fame”, and Yang Joo-in said that Tiffany has been watching many musicals lately to study more about musical acting. Tiffany was also kind enough to bring candy to give out for White Day. Joo-in also practiced with Tiffany for an hour and a half, memorizing all the songs in “Fame” because she was such a fan. Joo-in felt that Tiffany was very sociable and lovable, and she was surprised to find out they shared the same birthday. It looks like nobody can resist Tiffany’s charms.

Tiffany’s Leaves Message for White Day On Official Girls’ Generation Website

Tiffany left a message and selca on Girls’ Generation’s official website in commemoration of White Day. Her message reads, “doo ddoo roo doo ddoo^^*~~ Of course, you have to listen to ‘Kissing You’ at least once today! Happy White Day SONE♡ P.S! ps! The candy.. I’m sorry that I couldn’t really deliver itㅠ^^ kiss!*keke xoxo, myeong (-_-……..)”.

 Girls’ Generation Featured in “The Guardian”

“The Guardian” recently covered Girls’ Generation on its weekly music blog. In it, Girls’ Generation is described as: “Less a band, more a force of nature.” You can check out the full article here.

Girls’ Generation Mentioned in Two Articles on “Kotaku”

“Kotaku”, a popular video game-focused blog, posted an article on a fan-made video of a Girls’ Generation Nintendo DS game. It expressed disappointment that an actual Girls’ Generation video game doesn’t exist. This article can be found here. “Kotaku” also posted an article on “What a Korean Pop Song Can Teach Us About a Video Game Sequel”, which addressed differences between the Japanese and Korean versions of “Gee”. They compared the translation process of the original song to the process of making video game sequels. Check out the entire article here.

Girls’ Generation to Auction a Signed Bag

It has been one year since the Great Eastern Japan Disaster that created a sequence of events that devastated Japan, leaving many people without basic needs. In an effort to help those still affected, the Korean Culture Center is auctioning off several signed items from Hallyu stars, including a signed bag from Girls’ Generation, to help raise money for charity aid. Read here

2AM’s Changmin Tweets a Photo of Himself with Sunny

2AM’s Changmin recently tweeted a photo of himself with Sunny from the filming of Invincible Youth 2. Isn’t their height difference adorable? According to the heights listed on their profiles, Sunny is 22 centimeters shorter than Changmin.

Woori Tweets Photos of Hyoyeon, Boom and Herself

Woori, a member of  the G8 cast on KBS2’s “Invincible Youth 2”, posted several photos of Hyoyeon, Boom and herself on her Twitter account. Two of these photos were of Hyoyeon and herself, and a third picture had Boom joining the two. All three of the photos came with a message from Woori. The message included with the selca with Hyoyeon (pictured above) was, “Kid Hyo~ The camera is not over there ~_~ Kekeke”. The message with the photo of Boom, Hyoyeon and herself was,”Invincible Youth tonight~!! Grandma, uncle and Kid Hyo. Kekeke. Please look forward to the farmers’ special ~ >_<” . This photo can be seen here. Finally, for a photo of Hyoyeon and Woori pumping gas, Woori wrote, “Gas Station picture.. Keke >_< It was a very tight moment, keke. Kid Hyo having fun, Keke. Cute.” This hilarious photo can be found in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Seohyun Attends Basketball Game with Park Seungil

Seohyun recently attended a basketball game at the Anyang Gymnasium with Park Seungil, whom she met through Sooyoung. She watched the game alongside Park Seungil to give him strength. News photos of Seohyun at the basketball game can be found here.

Billboard Uncovers the Secrets Behind K-Pop’s Global Success

In a recent article released through, a Friday afternoon panel, SXSW, talked about the secrets behind K-Pop’s growing success in the in the U.S. industry. Music agent for Creative Artists Agency, David Zedeck, who has been involved with Girls’ Generation, stated that K-pop already has the power to sell out in large 1,700 to 2,500-capacity venues of major U.S. cities in record time. Zedeck also talked about the Girls’ Generation fan meeting which took place back in October 2011. Zedeck told Billboard that they were “bumming out that we gave it away for free”, because countless fans attended this fan meeting, and roughly 1,500 of them were schoolkids. Zedeck confidently said they “could take any one of these [K-Pop] groups and do sixteen to eighteen real arena dates in North America”, further acknowledging the fact that K-Pop is indeed an expanding part of North America’s music industry. To read more about David Zedeck’s analysis regarding K-Pop’s success, check out the full article at

Sunny and Tiffany Ranked in Top Ten for “Perfect Eye Smiles” in E-Pop Magazine

According to a 2010 article in E-Pop Magazine, a magazine based in Malaysia, Sunny and Tiffany are ranked numbers two and one for “Perfect Eye Smiles”. Sunny’s description reads, “Like the name, Sunny is a happy-go-lucky person. Even if you are undergoing sadness or depression, you will surely forget everything after you see Sunny’s face, which is clear, pretty and always happy.” Tiffany’s description reads, “Tiffany has been chosen for being the champion of Perfect Eye Smile, with a vote count of 34.9%. When asked about this, Tiffany promised that she will continue to maintain this kind of smile which is the prettiest and happiest in front of everybody!”

New Sets of Pictures

Fashion KingYuri1, Yuri2, Yuri3, Yuri4, Yuri5, Yuri6

Eider – Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3, Yoona4, Yoona5, Yoona6

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Domestic and international fans sent wreaths to Yuri in support of her upcoming drama “Fashion King”. The wreaths read, “Smart beautiful Anna, everyone awaits you”, “Don’t be put down because this is your first time acting”, and “Stop making excuses and watch it live! No.125 is ready to cheer”. SONEs also donated 1.73 tons of rice in support.

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