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Our little podcast sees spring for the first time! As the weather slowly warms up and the sun pokes out from behind those fluffy clouds, it’s time to welcome the March edition of our Writers’ podcast.

Hello everyone. Once again, DJ Giggles a.k.a. Michelle is here to bring you the Soshified’s third Writers’ Podcast. If you are new to podcast and a little unsure of what to do next, have no fear because DJ Giggles is here…to guide you through the basics. First of all, I highly recommend you listen to our previous recordings, and if you think it’s a hassle flipping through a million pages of news just to find the February edition, listen closely and I’ll tell you a secret. Ready? Okay, so if you type in the Soshified search engine the word “podcast” and press enter, you will immediately be directed to all the podcast recordings we have ever done! Secondly, open the page, and put your computer mouse on the play button. Left click. Now, all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy! In three easy steps, this is the ideal way to thoroughly enjoy our monthly podcasts. Once you’ve listened to our previous two podcasts, come back here and listen to this month’s edition. By going through these steps, you can ideally enjoy our monthly podcasts. Simple, right?

On this month’s podcast, we will be featuring the familiar voices of David (residentbenchwarmer), Jon (MoonSoshi9), Michael (michaelroni), and myself (FrozenArctic). As promised in last month’s podcast, we have also brought in Roy (LetsGo), who suffered technological issues last time and was unfortunately unable to join us. So for all of Roy-unnie’s fans, be sure to tune in and give him lots of love and support!

In this month’s podcast, make sure you don’t zone out, because we talk about a lot of interesting topics, as well as introduce some brand new segments! Listen as we wish Taeyeon on a very happy birthday, talk about the heartache we felt upon witnessing Yuri’s (almost) kiss scene in the “Fashion King” drama preview, go crazy over the new release of the “Time Machine” PV, and so much more. Apart from the usual discussion about the recent news and events concerning Girls’ Generation, a brand new segment has found a home in our monthly releases, as has a fun contest that we encourage all listeners to participate in. Our new segment revolves around a debate between two of the podcast participants, and it encourages everyone to confidently voice their opinions. Whether it’s picking a favorite song out of a certain album or even commenting on a member’s new hair color, you won’t want to miss out on two Writers facing off against each other periodically in a battle to convince everybody why he or she has this particular opinion.

On a very less intense note, remember how I said not to zone out? There is a very good reason for that! Hidden inside this podcast are some very high pitched, non-earphone-friendly noises..David has thrown his serious image out the window for a few seconds as he releases his inner fanboy (David’s Note: to make fun of the female writers going crazy over the girls). Listen carefully and be amazed when you hear this talented writer squeal about his favorite nine girls. Never before has anyone heard David fanboy, and the first time he decides to shed all that seriousness, it was caught on recording. Now, there is no going back.

So you think you can fanboy? …or girl, depending on your gender. All you have to do is watch a squeal-worthy clip such as sexy Yuri dancing to “1, 2 Step” or Sooyoung flipping her gorgeous hair and record your reactions. Then, send it to us through You never know, maybe you will be featured in April’s edition of the Podcast or allotted your own paragraph in next month’s write-up. So go ahead and release that inner crazy fan. You know you want to!

Also, as promised, here are the links we said that we’d hook you up with during the podcast:
“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali
Girls’ Generation Releases Music Video for ‘Time Machine’ (“Into the New World” music video included in article for comparison.)
Tiffany Talks with an Editor for ‘Vogue Girl’ During Her Photoshoot (Tiffany’s photoshoot pictures included in article.)

Enjoy the podcast everyone, and thank you to all who participated!

Banner by: jmd@soshified
Written by: FrozenArctic@soshified
Edited by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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