It is well known that f(x)’s Krystal is Jessica’s little sister and that the two of them share a close relationship. Recently, MyDaily struck up an interview with Krystal, discussing her recent activities. In the interview, Krystal mentioned her relationship with her sister and shared interesting tidbits about their lives. An excerpt of the interview can be found below:

– Photos of your sister Jessica kissing you garnered a lot of attention, right? It seemed like you didn’t like it very much.
“I saw the article, and when I read that they wrote I didn’t look like I liked it, I went, ‘Ah, what the heck. They don’t even know.’ I’m usually the one who gives my sister kisses. I even kiss her when she’s sleeping. It’s not that I don’t like it. There were a lot of people there at the time, so I was just taken aback when she suddenly kissed me. I didn’t know they were filming it from the top either.”

– A common search on portal sites during that time was “Jessica little sister fool”. (Translator’s note: the phrase means that Jessica is a fool when it comes to her little sister) One netizen asked, “Why is Jessica’s little sister stupid?”
“I’ve seen reports about that too. I thought the article itself was funny when I first read it, but ‘Why is Krystal stupid?’ was even funnier. Haha.”

– How was Jessica’s acting in the KBS 2TV drama “Wild Romance” as a senior actress?
“She was good and looked really pretty. She practiced her lines a lot at home and we even went over them together too. Once, while she was practicing her lines, I was in the same room with her and she said, ‘Bring me some water.’ So I brought her some and she asked, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘You asked me to bring you water,’ and she replied, ‘Those were my lines!’ [She was] really cute.”

– You two are like siblings that people might read of in a romance comic.
“I really thought she was talking to me then. It just means that she was that natural at it. (Laughs)”

[Interviewer then asked if she gave Luna a gift for entering college, and Krystal replied that she hasn’t been able to see her or her other members because of their individual schedules.]

– Then who do you usually play with? I guess just your sister.
“My sister’s really busy. I just play alone. Haha.”

Source: MyDaily
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