J.ESTINA revealed on February 29th that they will be holding a fansign at AK mall in Suwon with Girls’ Generation on March 11th.

Customers who purchased over 100,000 won worth of J.ESTINA products between February 23rd to March 5th will receive entry slips, and the names of the winners who can attend the fansign will be posted online on March 9th.

After Girls’ Generation started modeling for J.ESTINA, sales for items carrying each member’s names, such as “Jessica earrings”, “Yoona Angelica bag” and “Tiffany earrings” have been selling consistently. Items that will on sale in the future can currently be pre-ordered.

Source: EDaily
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: LetsGo@soshified, residentbenchwarmer@soshified

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