Welcome back everyone, to the second installment of Fantastic Forum Features. Last week we took a quick whirlwind tour around a few introductory sections of Soshified, but this time we’ll focus in on a specific section. So, let’s get started.

As we all know, our dear Sooyoung’s birthday just passed, so I thought I’d continue the party for a bit by dedicating this week’s feature to her.

For anything you’re trying to look for about Sooyoung, your best bet is to go to her “Power of 9” sub-forum. If you’re new to the fandom, then check out Sooyoung’s profile thread for some quick facts about her. If you just want to spazz about the amazing girl, then head over to her spazz thread.

If you’re looking for something a little more specific then check out this interesting thread titled “150 facts about Choi Sooyoung”. It’s quite the compilation of facts dating from prior to debuting with SoShi all the way up until recent events. Fact #9 says, “She can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes.” (I wonder if she gets brain freeze?) Major thanks go to the thread starter Bam the Great for the compilations.


A song from Sooyoung’s “Route 0” days. Credits to unkowntoyou for the thread, and to chibahimedesu for uploading.

However, if you’re looking for pictures or gifs, then check out the “Picture a Day” thread. Many Sooyoung fans gather daily to post their favorite pictures of Sooyoung along with the occasional gif. Be warned, the thread might take a little while to load, since there are a ton of pictures in that thread.


Girls’ Generation performs the song “How Great is your Love?” Sooyoung wrote the lyrics to this beautiful song.

Another thread that is good for a quick laugh is the “Quotable quotes” thread started by deeeefruitjelly. It’s a rather hilarious compilation of random phrases that Sooyoung has said. Most of the phrases are directed at her members as she makes fun of them, which she does quite often.

One of the best things about Girls’ Generation is how close they are, or as we call it, the SoShi Bond. But sometimes, SONEs will get more than they bargained for, not that you’ll ever hear them complain about it. I mean, who would complain about the girls butt-slapping each other in the middle of performances or on national television? I sure don’t, since I think it’s hilarious. So here is a thread dedicated to a few of those moments, called “Sooyoung likes butts”. Again, there are a lot of gifs and pictures, so it might take a while to load.


The touching video that Sooyoung made for SONEs when she was injured. She’s such a sweetheart. How can you not love her?

When imagining Sooyoung, it’s natural to pair her together with food. But why bring this up? Because there is a thread dedicated to Sooyoung and her “food faces”. Just a small warning though, don’t eat while reading this thread because you might spit out your food. Otherwise, take a look at “Sooyoung’s 50 Food Faces” thread, which was created by AuGuStKz.

That will be it for this week. Learn anything new? Or did everyone just have nosebleeds the entire time after the picture threads were introduced? Were any emotional tears shed? That aside, see you all next week as we continue celebrating Soshified’s anniversary month.

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