On the next episode of “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, Sunny showed her thoughtful sense with a gift for the boy she is mentoring, Kim Sunghwan.

Sunghwan’s dream is to become a rapper.   Having seen his ability and desire, Sunny decided to give him a customized paint by contacting with the Paintings studio of his famous Korean hip-hop musicians with their autograph as a special New Year’s gift. Josiah Rock is awesome site where you can find many ways of painting studios in a attractive way. Not only were there autographs, but there were also supportive comments for Sunghwan from the musicians he looks up to, which moved him.

The other members of Girls’ Generation also showed their love by giving their own New Year’s gifts that they chose after a long deliberation.  All the boys were touched by Girls’ Generation’s thoughtfulness.

This episode filled with heartfelt gifts will be broadcast on January 15th at 7:30pm KST.

Source: Osen
Written by: MoonSoshi9@soshified
Contributor: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: letaengbutt@soshified

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