Girls’ Generation’s Yoona talked about the pressure of performing double roles in the upcoming drama “Love Rain”.

During a press conference for “Love Rain” held on December 13th, Yoona started by saying, “I had the sudden urge to start acting again because I hadn’t played a role after the daily drama two years ago. At the same time, I had a chance to read the synopsis for ‘Love Rain’ and I really wanted to do this one.”

Yoona will be playing a double role in the drama, acting as “Kim Hana” in the year 2012 and “Kim Yoonhee” in the 1970s. She said, “But when I read the script for the first time I had trouble deciding which character to focus on, Kim Hana or Kim Yoonhee. I heard that Kim Hana is a lot like my actual personality so I didn’t worry too much. I was worried, however, about playing Kim Yoonhee from the 1970’s. I don’t know much about the 1970’s and I don’t have that much acting experience either.”

However, she continued by explaining that Director Yoon Seokho’s guidance helped her learn a lot and showed her confidence by saying, “We are currently near the end of the filming for the 1970’s, and surprisingly, all the things I worried about are going well.”

“Love Rain” is expected to air in March or April of 2012 at the earliest.

Source: TVReport
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