Taeyeon recently revealed during an episode of “Happy Together” that she has no plans to go solo. She showed her love for the team by saying that she was not greedy to release a solo album.

On this episode of “Happy Together” which aired on the 15th, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun made an appearance on the variety show and shared various stories with viewers. During the show, the MC’s asked Taeyeon, “Don’t you want to be active as a soloist?” to which she replied, “No, I’m doing fine in a group thanks to all the other members.” Taeyeon also went on to say, “The other members help to cover up for the things I lack in. I think i’m more fit for group activities as compared to being a soloist.”

After hearing this, the MC’s asked, “Who do you think is the prettiest in the group?”

The girls once again showed their close bond by replying, “We can’t choose one member. Everyone has their own unique charms and colors.” Their love for each other shows their satisfaction for the group which is like a gift set. Also, the girls garnered attention on this show by talking about Sooyoung’s complex confessions, the fight between members Taeyeon and Tiffany, as well as a fight between Hyoyeon and Seohyun.

Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr
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Translated by: [email protected]

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