Girls’ Generation Sunny’s intellectual comment has been garnering attention.

Following the first season of “Invincible Youth”, Sunny has been active in the second season as “worker Sunny”. She expressed her honest thoughts by telling the others “luxuries are prohibited”.

At the last recording of “Invincible Youth”, G8 members, Lee Soogeun, Boom, and Ji Hyunwoo had a meeting for G8’s home that will be completed next week. Their celebration for joining the village had president Sunny leading, with Ji Hyunwoo as the secretary, where they discussed who G8 members want to invite, and what items they should buy for the empty room.

With high hopes and dreams for their newly built home, G8 members expressed their wishes to have a 3D TV, dual-door refrigerator and kimchi refrigerator, robot vacuum, rice cooker, and other high-tech items. However, president Sunny expressed her opposing opinion saying, “Instead of a kimchi refrigerator, we can use our traditional crocks, and we can make tastier rice using an iron pot intead of an [electronic] rice cooker.”

Regarding the television, she pin pointed the problem by making an intellectual comment saying, “Instead of a TV, we have to listen to the fun stories of our members,” showing just how the “Invincible President” should be like.

The other members and uncles exclaimed, “As expected Soonkyu!”, not sparing their compliments.

A beautiful “Invincible Youth 2” writer is actually a G8 member?

During the last “Invincible Youth 2” recording, a beautiful female writer, who lead the day’s mood, garnered much attention.

The day of the recording after completing their day’s work, G8 members all gathered in the yard of the idol village and had their first family meeting. In order for the meeting to continue on smoothly, different points/suggestions were written on a sketchbook and shown to G8 members. The beautiful female writer who wrote the suggestions garnered attention.

Usually at variety show recordings, writers use sketchbooks to write comments or actions stars should do in different situations in order to carry on a smooth show. “Invincible Youth’s beautiful writer” was unstoppable by denouncing overreacting or passive members.

If Boom’s comments dragged on, she would write “Boom, be quiet”, or if Ji Hyunwoo would sit without making any comments, she wrote “Switch out Ji Hyunwoo next week”, causing laughter with her witty comments.


Source: KBS
Translated by: [email protected]
Edited by: [email protected]

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