Hello, and welcome to the last edition of Learn Korean with Soshi for 2011. 2012 is just around the corner, and five new phrases are here to help kill time as you count down to the new year. Learn how to type the Korean letters on your keyboard here, and if you’re willing to kill more time, check out the previous editions of this column here. Happy learning, and happy new year!

너무 기대하고있어요 (Neomu gidaehago isseoyo) = I’m really anticipating it
How to type: sjan rleogkrhdlTdjdy

In this variety show appearance, Sooyoung’s first love was about to show himself and she expressed her anticipation by saying the phrase “너무 기대하고있어요”. 너무 means too (excessive), 기대하고있어요 means to be anticipating (기대하 “to anticipate” + progressing form -고 있어요).

An example situation where the phrase 너무 기대하고있어요 would be used:
News (and rumors) of Girls’ Generation’s year-end special performances had been spreading around, causing fans to raise their expectations for these performances. A common phrase used amongst them to express their anticipations was “너무 기대하고있어요”.

동갑인데 (Donggapinde) = We’re the same age, though
How to type: ehdrkqdlsep

Hyoyeon was elaborating about how Sooyoung used to talk like someone older even though they were the same age. 동갑 is a term used that means the same age, and -인데 means because or though

An example situation where the phrase 동갑인데 would be used:
As a newcomer to SM Entertainment, Sunny used honorifics to the fellow members of her group to express how she respected them as people who have trained longer in the company. Yuri noticed that they were the same age, though, so she approached Sunny and asked her to drop the honorifics. “동갑인데,” she reasoned.

보기만했어요 (Bogimanhaesseoyo) = I have only seen it
How to type: qhrlaksgoTdjdy

On Yoona’s appearance on season one of Family Outing, the family members asked if Yoona had ever seen a pop rice maker. She explained later on that she has only seen it on TV, so this was the first time she had seen it in real life. 보- means to see, the particle -기 switches the verb into a gerund form, 만 means only, 하- means to do, and the ending -었어요 converts the phrase to past tense.

An example situation where the phrase 보기만했어요 would be used:
“Have you ever tried this?”
Seohyun looked at the magician, curious about the trick he was about to do. Her cautious steps said otherwise, though.
“보기만했어요,” she admitted.
“Well then,” the magician said, “come up here and enjoy the show.”

아시죠? (Ashijyo) = (You) know, right?
How to type: dktlwy

During Tiffany and Yuri’s MC session on Music Core, the two talked about how boys should honor and praise their girlfriends no matter what the situation was. Tiffany ended the talk with an “아시죠?” that was said through gritted teeth, emphasizing the words said previously. 알- means to know, -시 adds honorifics to the word, and -죠? implies ~right?.

An example situation where the phrase 아시죠? would be used:
When Seohyun announced that she was dating, her eight unnies decided that a few of them should meet up with her boyfriend in order to make sure he treats the maknae well. After they showered the boy with a few “ground rules”, they ended their talk with an “아시죠?” to make sure he understood.

야! 너도 그랬어 (Ya! Neodo geuraesseo) = Hey! You were like that, too
How to type: di! sjeh rmfoTdj

Yuri was sharing a teary-eyed story about how she was afraid of Hyoyeon and Jessica back when she was a trainee, but the two backfired the statement to Sooyoung, who was comforting Yuri. She immediately said, “야! 너도 그랬어!” which caused a lot of laughter from everyone on the set. 야! means Hey!, 너도 means you, too (너 “you” + particle -도 “also”), 그랬어 means was/were like that (그래 “like that” + past tense ending -었어).

An example situation where the phrase 야! 너도 그랬어 would be used:
Sooyoung listened as Jessica wondered why the other girls urged her to clean her side of the room when it looked perfectly spotless to her. Jessica argued that putting her magazines next to her bed wasn’t a bad thing and Sooyoung said that it would probably look neater when they were arranged on the dorm bookshelf. Jessica took a short pause before she remembered the fact that Sooyoung put snacks next to her bed. “야!” Jessica turned to face Sooyoung, “너도 그랬어!”

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