Many beautiful women worldwide have been carefully selected by TC Candler to be a part of “The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2011″, a popular poll that is viewed by over 25 million visitors from around the world. The list looks for women whose face not only displays modern beauty but also projects class, grace and elegance. The wonderful aspect about TC Candler’s poll is that it is not solely based upon one specific feature such as fame or sexiness, and it is not exclusive to North American celebrities. Instead, it includes women from all around the world who come from various cultures and different backgrounds.

This year, among the 100 women who were chosen to be present on this list was Girls’ Generation’s main vocalist, Jessica Jung. With her fair milky skin and well-defined features, Jessica undoubtedly displays modern beauty and class. She has most definitely earned her place on this list by out-ranking more than half the women chosen on the list by ranking number 45. This is the first time Jessica has been nominated for this poll, but she was able to out-compete many beautiful women such as actress Kate Winslet (50) and popular singers Adele (90) and Demi Lovato (89).

Are you curious to see who else made it onto the list? Click here for TC Chandler’s site, and check out the YouTube video below.

Source: TC Candler, TV Daily, [email protected]
Written by: FrozenArctic@soshified
Edited by: taengsoshi@soshified

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