On the December 8th broadcast of Mnet’s “The Beatles Code”, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon revealed that she was once jealous of the other members of her group, who got to wear outfits that she thought were prettier than hers. Though the members are sometimes allowed to choose their own outfits, often it is a team of stylists who coordinate the outfits that Girls’ Generation wears to performances or other events. During a segment on the show, Hyoyeon explained that in the past she would get upset and think, “Why don’t they let me wear those outfits?” She continued, however, by saying that she now trusts that the stylists will spend enough time to decide on outfits which best suit her figure.

To this Sooyoung added, “I want to wear heels and skirts, but when I’m stubborn and wear what I want, it messes up the harmony made up by all the members.” As the tallest member of Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung often complained during the group’s debut that the tall members were not allowed to wear heels, while the shorter ones were, showing that Hyoyeon was not the only member to have had issues with the stylists.

The second part of Girls’ Generation’s appearance on “The Beatles Code” will air on December 15th.

Source: Newsen
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