Actress Baek Jinhee and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Yoona appeared together in CFs in the past.

Baek Jinhee and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri filmed a beverage advertisement together a few years ago. The advertisement featured Baek Jinhee as a high school student and Yuri as her cute younger sister.

Another Girls’ Generation member, Yoona, appeared in a cosmetics CF in the past with Baek Jinhee. Both girls exuded a very fresh and youthful appearance.

After appearing in the same CF together, Baek Jinhee  garnered attention for appearing in yet another CF.

Baek Jinhee looked very fresh and youthful when she filmed with the different members of Girls’ Generation back in the past, and she still does even after all these years.

Netizens have responded to this with, “Her face since Junior high has been the same until now. Could she be a vampire?”, “Girls’ Generation has unexpected connections, it’s great” and “It’s the same back then as it is now.”

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