Girls’ Generation is well known for their beautiful and slender legs. Recently, an interesting bit of information about the boots Girls’ Generation wears was revealed.

The boots that are part of the outfits for the “MR. TAXI” promotions are specially tapered for the girls and unique to them. Perche, the production company which made the shoes, specially ordered them for Girls’ Generation’s promotions. A spokesman commented that, “Because we got Girls’ Generation’s sizes, the calf part of the boots are over 5cm thinner, while the length is over 5cm longer. (…) It is a size that would be impossible for a regular person with an ordinary body to fit in.”

Fans watching the “MR. TAXI” promotions were impressed with their slender figures and expressed their envy, commenting on various internet message boards, “Girls’ Generation make people burn in motivation for a diet”

Source: MyDaily

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