Recently, a netizen posted on an online community board a video titled “A Pink Greeting Girls’ Generation”, where it showed the two groups greeting one another at the end of a music program. The video captured Sunny and Yoona bowing at a ninety-degree angle in response to A Pink members greeting them with a respectful bow.

Previously on a radio show, Girls’ Generation talked about the problem they face with rookie groups, saying, “Rookie groups are uncomfortable around us and think that we’re hard to approach, so we greet them loudly first and do ninety-degree bows. It’s only been four years since we debuted, so rather than getting greeted, we think it’s right to greet them first with enthusiasm.”

Netizens expressed their surprise, commenting: “They weren’t just saying it; they really did bow at ninety degrees”, “Girls’ Generation is well-known for greeting others well”, and “It’s heartwarming”.

Sources: Nate
Written by: NeonCyro@soshified
Contributor: ch0sshi@soshified

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