Girls’ Generation members were hard at work on December 17th as they recorded performances for their “Christmas Fairy Tale” special.

Those in attendance of the recording exclaimed how pretty and amazing the stages were that Girls’ Generation prepared for the Christmas special. From a piano duet with Seohyun and Yuri to a stirring performance of “O Holy Night” by Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation’s “Christmas Fairy Tale” will be a special experience not to be missed. The special airs on MBC on the night of December 24th, just after midnight at 12:20am KST.

Later at the pre-recording for SBS “Inkigayo”, Girls’ Generation members gave a special treat to the fans who were in the audience. Girls’ Generation had hotpacks and hot drinks prepared for fans, and their managers handed the packages out. It’s been especially cold in Korea the last few days, so fans were touched by the the members’ thoughtfulness in making sure they were warm and taken care of. Despite their long schedule of recording and holding a fan meeting, Girls’ Generation continues to show their kind-hearted nature by thinking of their fans first.



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