This year has provided many more Girls’ Generation-related memories for us to enjoy.  From the start, the girls seemed to know that 2011 would be happy and full of great moments, and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  They started the year off with a bang by winning the “New Artist of the Year” award in the Japanese music category at the 25th Japan Gold Disc Awards.  They also won the Daesang at the 20th Seoul Music Awards for their work in 2010, among other accolades.

The girls have been able to keep their success up through the year, having sold almost 650,000 albums in Japan, placing them fifth on the list of top-earning artists in Japan this year, and first among K-pop groups in Japan.  They were able to enter the year-end Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, with “MR. TAXI” placing eleventh and “Gee” placing 23rd.  Of course, the girls were still popular in their native South Korea, with “The Boys” selling 293,042 albums and “Girls’ Generation the 1st Asia Tour: Into the New World” selling 46,034 albums as of November of this year.

However, as we all know, Girls’ Generation is not just about the sales and the awards, and the writers here at Soshified have reviewed Girls’ Generation’s year.  The writers have chosen the best in their respective sections, and each writer has chosen a best overall moment in 2011 as well.  Each section also has a poll that allows you, the reader, to select what you think is the greatest in each category. Feel free to get in on the fun and choose what you think was the best.  And for those of you who are inclined to give comments, we shall give you more of a reason for you to do so at the end of the article.


Best Japanese Song SeraphKY

What really needs to be pointed out about the new Japanese album is the fact that it is so different from regular Japanese pop music. The status quo for Japanese pop groups is to have a cuter style both in terms of lyrics and musical arrangement.  However, Girls’ Generation deviated from this norm by going with a different type of sound that incorporated several elements.

The song “MR. TAXI” started the ball rolling as it is an original Japanese single that is different from all of Girls’ Generation’s previous singles.  It adds its own electronic element which would be prevalent throughout the rest of their new Japanese album “Girls’ Generation”.

A different element seen in the album was having songs that could be paired up together for greater effect.  For example, “You-aholic” and “BAD GIRL” are both about falling for someone, but both in contrasting terms.  “You-aholic” is about the girls falling for someone else. However, in comparison, “BAD GIRL” is the exact opposite, where you fall for the girl.  Another pair of songs that follow this contrasting element is “Beautiful Stranger” and “I’m in Love with the Hero”, but instead the focus is on personality. “Let it Rain” and “Time Machine” can also be considered a pair, but not in contrasting terms as both talk about heartbreak, though in different circumstances.

Another element not usually seen in Japanese pop music is complex dance routines.  “The Great Escape” is a great example of this, as the song uses several interchanging and fluid formations from stanza to stanza, which results in a very eye-catching performance.

“Born to be a Lady” might not have any different elements as a song, but it capitalizes on everything else. It shows off great vocals with a beautiful arrangement.  However, the most important thing is the lyrics which talk about overcoming difficulties and hardships to become stronger, something the members of Girls’ Generation are well known for.

While all of the songs deserve recognition for being good, two that really stood out were “MR. TAXI” and “Born to be a Lady”.


As an added bonus, despite not being a Japanese song, honourable mention goes to “Diamond”, the song that Girls’ Generation sang on SMTown’s “Warmest Gift” soundtrack.  The song features strong vocal skills from the entire group with a catchy tune and easy-to-remember lyrics.  Also, despite the song being entirely in English and with only two members who can speak English fluently, the group was able to sing the song in a beautiful tone without tripping over the pronunciation of the words.


Best Korean Song LetsGo 

All of the Korean songs this year that were sung by Girls’ Generation or featured Girls’ Generation were great, whether they were from the third album which was released this year or from OSTs such as Taeyeon’s “Different” or Jessica’s “Because Tears Are Overflowing”.  They had powerful vocals, catchy beats and impressive choreography.  For Jessica’s solo OST, “Because Tears Are Overflowing”, she really brought the desired feel from the song, which is sadness and grief.  Jessica’s powerful vocals in this song were delivered very well, and added to the whole feel of the song.

From the third album, the beats to their title track “The Boys” were powerful and catchy.  The choreography sucks you in when you watch it for the first time, and continues to impress every time you see it.  It also showed a change in the girls’ usual looks.  Instead of seeing the girls’ usual sexy and cute images, we saw images of mature ladies in the music video.  With that being said, the Korean song that caught my attention the most would be “봄날 (How Great Is Your Love)”, also from their third album.  First of all, it’s written by one of the members, Choi Sooyoung.  Secondly, it gives off a vibe that makes you feel comfortable just by listening to it even without knowing the lyrics.  When you actually get to know the lyrics of the song, it is a beautiful and heartwarming ballad.  Since this song was released around the winter season, it helps warm you up during a cold winter day.  Thirdly, I felt that the distribution of the lyrics were quite evened out and that some parts were really suited for a particular member and that if you swapped parts around, it would sound a tad bit off.  Last but not least, the vocals were delivered very well, so as to bring about the “warm feel” from this song, which of course brings warmth to the hearts of people who listen to this song.

Here is a video of them performing “How Great Is Your Love” live, which is my favorite.

Best CF taengsoshi

With the passing of 2011, we look back at a busy year for Girls’ Generation, a year which encompassed amazing performances and concerts that dazzled us all.  As an artist, expectations are there to perform on stage; however, the girls have also been busy shooting commercial films.  They even placed first for the most appearances in televised CFs, which does not count the numerous photoshoots they participated in.  From elegant Dior CFs to the more silly and fun Daum advertisements, we as fans have always spent every waking second trying to catch the precious moments the girls were in, even if they were just the fifteen second CFs.

Let’s look at a list of brands at least one of the girls has endorsed this year:

Clean & Clear
Domino’s Pizza
Woongjin Coway
Goobne Chicken
Freestyle Sports

Out of the impressive number of ads they were in, Goobne Chicken comes in as one of the top, if not the best, CF for the year of 2011.

What is better than the slow-motion action and the bone-cracking sound effects to the corny, cringe-worthy acting?  I picked this for the simple fact that they don’t have to really be pressed to be anyone but themselves.  It’s a CF tailored to their personality, a kind of stress management to show the dorky and loveable side we know and fell in love with.  It brightens our day as much as it brightens the girls’.  After all, laugher is the best medicine.


Best Variety Show Appearance bhost909

While preparing for and promoting in Japan, Girls’ Generation was able to make only a handful of appearances in variety shows in the first half of 2011.  With Seohyun’s final episode of “We Got Married” in March, Girls’ Generation ended all regular schedules on variety shows, and instead made only intermittent guest appearances.  The first six months of the year were highlighted by the conclusion of Seohyun’s married life, Tiffany singing with a children’s choir on SBS’s “Star King”, and Sunny and Yoona’s hilarious hunt of the “Running Man” cast.

The last member fans of Girls’ Generation expected to be cast on MBC’s “We Got Married”, Seohyun quickly charmed viewers with her kind and polite personality.  Similarly, fans enjoyed seeing Seohyun in situations they never would have otherwise, such as playing an arcade game or spending time with a male human being.  After filming the show for over a year, Seohyun ended her time on the show by surprising her “husband” Jung Yonghwa with her own touching rendition of the “Banmal Song”, complete with guitar and modified lyrics.

Though Girls’ Generation’s appearances on SBS’s “Star King” usually only show the members smiling, laughing and clapping, Tiffany participated in a moving episode that featured a children’s choir.  Alongside world famous pianist and composer Yiruma, Tiffany sang along with the choir in a performance of “I’m Not Alone”, but made sure to allow the children to stand out more than herself.

In a reversal of the usual format on SBS’s “Running Man”, Sunny and Yoona made a surprise guest appearance in which they chased down members of the show’s regular cast.  Highlights of the hilarious episode included Yoona chasing Yoo Jaesuk through the halls of a flea market, Sunny wrestling with Song Jihyo, and both girls battling muscled commander Kim Jong Kook.



With the release of their third full Korean album in October, Girls’ Generation returned in full force to the variety show scene, and were seen as guests in shows such as KBS’s “Happy Together” and “Dream Team”, and SBS’s “Strong Heart” and “Star King”.  Though they made memorable appearances in many shows, the very best shows from the latter half of 2011 include “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys”, episodes 63 and 64 of SBS’s “Running Man”, and the absolute must-watch variety show appearance by Girls’ Generation of 2011, KBS’s “Star Life Theater”.  The first variety show to feature all of the members in a regular TV program since KBS Joy’s “Hello Baby” in 2009, “Girls Generation and the Dangerous Boys” is a new show in which the members of Girls’ Generation act as mentors for troubled young teenagers.  The girls teach the “Dangerous Boys” to dance and play other games, such as those which demonstrate the ability (or inability) of some members of Girls’ Generation to play ping-pong.

The only way to top one episode of SBS’s “Running Man” with two members is to have two episodes with six members.  The best moments from this hilarious two-part special include Jessica’s never-ending aegyo, Yuri and Yoona’s shameless karaoke performance of DJ Doc’s “Run To You”, and Taeyeon hiding her makeup-free face with her hair.

While not as funny as episodes 63 and 64 of “Running Man” or “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys”, KBS’s “Star Life Theater” earned the title of Girls’ Generation’s “Best Variety Show Appearance” in 2011 for different reasons.  Featured in four short episodes, the show followed Girls’ Generation from their comeback with “The Boys” on “Music Bank” to their performance at the Korea-China Music Festival.  The show accompanied individual members as well, including going with Tiffany to her rehearsals for “Fame”, Sunny and Hyoyeon to the recording of “Invincible Youth 2”, Jessica to a magazine photoshoot, and Yuri to the gym.  Along the way, the members gave honest, heartfelt interviews ranging from Tiffany and her father to Girls’ Generation’s eating habits.  Finally, the fourth episode concluded by showing scenes from the “Into The New World” music video, letting us see that as much as Girls’ Generation has changed and grown, they are still the same girls that set off on a new journey four years ago into a new world.  With its behind-the-scenes content, touching interviews, and beautiful ending, “Star Life Theater” is the best, absolute must-watch variety show appearance by Girls’ Generation in 2011.

Best Music Show Appearance MoonSoshi9

Who could forget the bright yellow taxi outfits when the girls came out and performed “MR. TAXI” for the first time on TV Asahi “Music Station”, or when they came back to the same show and performed “The Great Escape” in sparkly gold and black.  The girls showed up again on “Hey Hey Hey” in a special live show directly after one of their concerts and performed “Genie” and “Bad Girl” in sexy black lace outfits, the opposite of their normal white lace for the opening “Genie” performance in their solo concerts.  Just recently, Girls’ Generation returned to “Hey Hey Hey” for the first performance of the Japanese version of “The Boys”.

As awesome as the Japanese music shows were, the Korean music shows showcased everything the girls had.  They made their long-awaited Korean comeback on KBS “Music Bank” on October 21st with the Korean version of “MR. TAXI” and the first ever performance of “The Boys”.  On MBC “Show! Music Core” the next day we got to see the girls’ softer side with the ballad “How Great Is Your Love”, with the girls performing in pretty pastel dresses.  The biggest shock of the weekend was on SBS “Inkigayo”, when Girls’ Generation became “Police Generation” for “Mr. Taxi”.  SONEs everywhere had to pick their jaws up off the ground after seeing the incredibly sexy concept in action, which would later come back once Girls’ Generation began promoting for the “MR. TAXI” version of their third album.  Of course, this year we got to see the battle everyone was waiting for, Girls’ Generation vs. Wonder Girls, when they went head-to-head on “Music Bank”.  They had fun with each other backstage singing each other’s songs, but in the end, it was Girls’ Generation who would come out as the victor.  The girls were extremely happy during this promotion, from their first “Music Bank” win to their sixth, picking up triple crowns on Mnet “M Countdown” and “Inkigayo” along the way.  They worked hard, and it showed.  After their first Mutizen Song on “Inkigayo”, Tiffany sounded exhausted as she thanked her members for their hard work, and Jessica was even in tears during the short encore.

My favorite appearance this year was on the November 4th “Music Bank”.  Sunny had finally cut her hair for real instead of wearing a wig.  The girls wore one of my favorite outfits of the ever changing wardrobe, the blue and white royal look, complete with tiaras.  They dominated the stage and sounded incredible.  But, what I loved the most were the moments that followed the performance when they won their second K-Chart.  Tiffany couldn’t stop playing with the trophy, looking through it and playfully pointing it at Sooyoung before she batted it away.  When the encore started, we got to see the SoShi bond on display when Seohyun grabbed Jessica and pulled her in for a group hug.  We got to see all of the girls’ dorky sides.  Hyoyeon playfully shouted “Oh oh!” during the intro, and the girls all started doing their own fanchants.  Yuri hilariously kept going as if it were the fanchant for “Oh!”.  In the end, they couldn’t stop playing around with each other on stage, happy they had won, and happy they were together.  They kept shouting “Woo!” randomly at each other, making themselves laugh at their own silliness.  The girls were simply happy, and it was great to see.



Best Radio Show Appearance spiceshoe

Girls’ Generation recently wrapped up their promotional activities for their first album in Japan and returned to Korea to make their comeback, which leads us to one thing we all we all love: radio shows.  These broadcasts are live and feature no editing whatsoever, leaving us with all the witty remarks, dorky actions, and laugh-out-loud moments the girls have to offer.  The girls have made numerous appearances on radio shows such as “Kan Miyeon’s Chinchin Radio” and “Hong Jinkyung’s 2PM! Radio”, but the “Best Radio Show Appearance” will be based on the two Soshified-subbed ones: KBS “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” featuring all nine girls and SBS “Lee Seokhoon’s Ten Ten Club Radio” featuring Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun.  Aside from the number of members present, these two radio appearances have other significant differences, such as the girls’ activeness on both shows (all nine blurting out random remarks on “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” while Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun were more passive on “Lee Seokhoon’s Ten Ten Club Radio”), and the discussions highlighted (for example, the interesting behind-the-scenes moments on “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” and psychological-related talks on “Lee Seokhoon’s Ten Ten Club Radio”).

My vote for the best radio show appearance for the year would fall to “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”, as the girls’ unexpected comments and actions never fail to amaze us fans.  “Lee Seokhoon’s Ten Ten Club Radio” was interesting to watch due to the psychological analysis involved in the discussions, but the girls were more laid back and provided lots of entertaining moments in “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio”.  Several highlights from the appearance include Hyoyeon showcasing her astounding English skills for the international version of “The Boys”, talking about the discussions they share on a group chat on their phones, and—my personal favorite—the girls partying to one of their “darker” songs on the new album, “Oscar”.  (This memorable and hilarious moment will be accented later as one of the nominees for “Best Overall Moment of 2011”.)  All in all, both radio shows emit a different feel and are both worth watching for the girls’ interesting moments which were revealed during the recording.

Watch both radio shows here and here, and both are available for download here and here.

Best Interview NeonCyro

With the girls’ increasing popularity, it is no surprise that they’ve been interviewed numerous times in the past year, by a wide variety of companies and magazines.  Particularly with their venture overseas with the international release of “The Boys”, we’ve also seen a large number of interviews in English (much to the delight of JeTi fans!).  As always, every interview with the girls produced something informative and fun for the fans, from the standard “ask a question, get an answer” from the Phuket photobook, to more engaging ones for individual magazine interviews from photoshoots.

Personally, I enjoy reading individual interviews more because, as Jessica put it in her “1st Look” interview, they are an opportunity to learn more about each member in detail, especially of their dreams and future plans.  In the “Singles” magazine interview with Taeyeon and Sunny, Taeyeon expressed her love for music, saying that she wanted to compose, sing, play an instrument and even DJ again!  Sunny revealed that she wants to try various different broadcasts and producing/directing.

Of the group interviews, the girls attended many in their short stay in New York.  I loved these interviews, mostly because of the amount of JeTi English, but I felt that the other girls were being neglected a lot, which was a pity.  Furthermore, the MTVK interview was heartbreaking, as you could clearly see Taeyeon and Yoona looking incredibly jetlagged and sick.  Despite this, recording various music shows earlier that week in Korea, and flying across the world to perform at Madison Square Garden the night before, the girls still came out to the Soshified-organised fanmeet at the Best Buy Theatre in New York, where one of the biggest achievements of Soshified happened: getting an exclusive interview with the girls.


Although it was too short an interview (we can never get enough of the girls), it was enjoyable to see the girls in such a relaxed setting and playing with Soshified’s very own foam hearts.

That, however, is not what i think is the best interview of the year. The honour belongs to….NY1’s interview.

This interview was one of a slew of interviews the girls were bombarded with after their SMTown performance.  Put yourself in the girls’ shoes and imagine sitting there, listening to interviewers coming up one by one to have an “exclusive” interview with you, and speaking in a language that you barely comprehend.  That is why the NY1 interview really caught my attention.  The interviewer, Lewis Dodley, seemed to be carrying out another serious interview, when he suddenly sought the attention of a sick and visibly tired Taeyeon and complimented her voice, in Korean, no less!  This caught all nine members by surprise and melodious laughter broke out among them.  After this, it was clear the girls felt much more relaxed and comfortable, laughing at his random Korean phrases, and they were more engaged in his questions.  He ended his interview by asking each girl individually to “tell me your wish”, resulting in even more laughter.  This was heartwarming to watch, because despite how tired the girls were, the interviewer was still able to make them laugh and act like the young ladies they really are.

Best Live Performance FrozenArctic

Nothing quite rivals the feeling of watching an amazing live performance.  Whether it is in person or behind a computer screen, all the emotions and excitement we have felt can be summed up by one word: satisfaction.  As the lights dim out and the crowd goes silent, anticipation grows, taking whoever may be listening on a wondrous journey of vocal harmony and synchronized fluidity.  As 2011 comes to an end, SONEs certainly have had the chance to witness many amazing performances by Girls’ Generation.  Sometimes it’s just easier to say that every single performance was the best.  However, that would be swaying from the truth because people naturally have biases, likes and dislikes.  Two major performances that left deep impressions, constantly pushing me to re-visit them and experience the magic over and over again, were “Complete” during KBS “Love Request” and “The Boys” during the 2011 MAMA Awards.

Many people might be wondering right now why I chose the performance of “Complete” on “Love Request” as one of my personal favorite performances.  Out of all the stages that Girls’ Generation has performed, why this one?  Honestly, from a superficial point of view, there was nothing spectacular about this stage.  It was nothing different from the norm, but that’s what made it memorable.  It was simple.  When the girls stood in line singing “Complete”, their voices projected deep into the hearts of everyone in the crowd.  Although simplistic, what made this stage a personal favorite was the meaning behind the performance and every word Girls’ Generation sang out during “Complete”.  Through this song, the girls reached out to listeners to support a good cause.  Those heartfelt emotions behind this performance were carried out to many worldwide, which allowed this live performance to transcend even the most complex and flashy of stages.  Sometimes, simplicity can go a long way.


Steering away completely from the simplicity of “Love Request” takes us to my next favorite live performance: “The Boys” during the 2011 MAMA Awards.  Despite the countless performances I have watched, this was by far my favorite and the one that left me with a very satisfied feeling even after the performance had long ended.  The introduction that leads to “The Boys” was surely nothing short of amazing, and it definitely served its purpose to hype up the much anticipated performance.  The stage was lavishly decorated and the blue cinematic effects created a mystifying yet elegant atmosphere that could only echo the excitement of the audience.  As the girls entered the stage dressed in beautiful white outfits, they were once again able to wow us with their fluid dance motions.  The heat was instantly cranked up as all nine girls transitioned from a powerful dance routine into “The Boys”.  Right from the beginning, Girls’ Generation had us at the edge of our seats as they began singing the Korean version of “The Boys”.  With their booming vocals and synchronized dance movements, Girls’ Generation had undoubtedly mesmerized the crowd once again.  Little did we know, we were definitely in for a special surprise that night.

The music abruptly zipped to a stop but was immediately replaced with a more upbeat remix of the song.  An eruption of cheers instantly exploded from the audience as Girls’ Generation began to sing the English version of “The Boys”.  The fresh beat along with the new lyrics were positively received by audience as their cheers augmented to meet the climax of the performance.  When Girls’ Generation advanced from center stage to the extended stage where they began a dance break to the remix, the audience was once again overwhelmed with fresh invigoration.  The solid, distinct beats that had come throughout the entire song got our hearts pounding even harder as Jessica reached for her high notes to conclude the finale of an extraordinary performance.  At the 2011 MAMA Awards, Girls’ Generation surely made us feel the heat.  The vibrant and sexy remixed performance summed up all the characteristics of an intense yet elegant performance, making this one of the most memorable live performances Girls’ Generation has given us in all of 2011.

Best Concert michaelroni

2011 was a year full of concerts for Girls’ Generation, and they performed literally all over the world: Seoul, Singapore, Paris, Taiwan, New York City, and a full concert tour consisting of fourteen performances in six cities across Japan.  Many of the concerts, such as the Seoul and Japan tour concerts, exclusively featured Girls’ Generation, while others were SMTown concerts that involved other SM Entertainment artists, such as in Paris and New York City.  The various concerts all had their own special memorable moments or notable characteristics.  SMTown Live in New York stood out for being the first live performance of the English version of “The Boys” and served as a jumping-off point for Girls’ Generation to showcase their charms later on in New York during interviews with MTV and the Soshified fanmeet.  The Seoul concert marked the return of the girls to their home in Korea after a long period of time promoting overseas in Japan.  SMTown Live in Tokyo, while not being a solo Girls’ Generation concert, was still impressive due to the sheer size of the Tokyo Dome, where the concert was held, though the excitement level for SONEs was tempered by the fact that Sooyoung could not attend it because she was recovering from injuries suffered during her car accident.

When all is said and done, however, the performances from the Japan Arena Tour stand out to me as the best concerts of 2011.  When SONEs think about all the incredible moments from the girls’ concerts this year, they were almost all shown first at the concerts in Japan.  We are all still buzzing about Rocker Taeng and her absolutely unbelievable “Devil’s Cry”, Sunny’s drop-dead sexy outfits for her “Three” performances, the incredible introduction sequence where the pyramid opens to reveal the girls singing “Genie”, and of course TaeNy’s unforgettable “Lady Marmalade” stage.  All of these favorite moments and more started at the Japan concerts, and that’s enough for me to list them as the absolute best of 2011.

Best MV letaengbutt

“Beautiful Girls”, “Visual Dreams”, “Run Devil Run” (Japanese Dance Version), “MR. TAXI” (Japanese Version), “Echo”, Run Devil Run” (3D Version), “Bad Girl”, “The Boys” and “MR. TAXI” (Korean Version) all came out this year.  Which music video should I choose as the best video of the year?  Let’s eliminate some and narrow down the choices. Firstly, “MR. TAXI” (Korean Version) isn’t much of a music video as it is simply a live performance by Girls’ Generation and it hardly qualifies as a music video in my book.

Therefore, one down, eight to go.

“Beautiful Girls” is refreshing as we get to see our girls dress up and parade down the catwalk, and the song sung by Yoo Youngjin is really good, too.  I like the theme of the music video: beautiful girls, and the nine angels definitely manage to make a statement.  “Visual Dreams”, on the other hand, has a totally different concept.  Instead of portraying the nine as “beautiful girls”, they went for a futuristic concept instead.  The dance is very cute and the song is really catchy, but I feel that the graphic effects created throughout the music video are a little bland.  The kaleidoscope-like effects are nothing short of boring, and I think the music video would have been better if it had been a dance version instead.  The “Run Devil Run” (Japanese Dance Version) MV is smoking hot.  The white outfits accompanied by the white background is a huge contrast to the black outfits with a black background, and this gives the music video a very powerful feel.  My only complaint is that Universal Music Japan should have made an actual music video for it instead of it just being a dance version.  “MR. TAXI” (Japanese Version) is pretty hot, especially with the girls wearing fingerless gloves.  The dance break and the duet adlibs between Taeyeon and Tiffany make the music video much more exciting, so this video is definitely in the top few.  “Echo” is a really fun and cute video to watch, especially since it is centered around a very carefree atmosphere.  Also, watching the girls laugh and play so happily puts me in a really good mood.  In my opinion, “Run Devil Run” (3D Version) is better compared to “Run Devil Run” (Japanese Dance Version).  There are many more effects (mostly because the other was a dance version I suppose), and I was wowed every few seconds while watching it.  It is sexy and powerful, though the white bubbles are pretty amusing.  “Bad Girl” and “The Boys” are where the choices get tough.  “Bad Girl” is amazing, especially with the beginning when the girls (the taller ones) got off the motorcycles all gangster-like.  The outfits are great, and the biker chick concept is probably their sexiest concept yet.  However, I do have to say that dancing in a warehouse is a bit random.

Lastly, “The Boys”.

Honestly, I had been hoping for a storyline in the music video and was a tiny bit disappointed when it turned out to be another one of their usual music videos.  However, the stage props, like the scattered rose petals and the dove, are a plus, and accompanied by the stunning dresses the girls wore at the beginning, the music video becomes a whole lot better.  Of course, SM’s famous matrix camera made a cameo, too.  The sand (or snow) effect is so cool during Yuri’s part, and I like the impact of all nine of them going down into the “Spider-man” pose simultaneously.

Therefore, after much deliberation (and lots of indecisiveness on my part), the “Best MV” award goes to……”The Bo-“……”MR. TAX-“……”Echo”!

Watching the music video for “Echo” always makes me laugh to myself even though it doesn’t have the stunning effects that “The Boys” has or the impact that “Bad Girl” has.  “Echo” is fun to watch because I get to see the girls fooling around and nothing makes me happier than a happy SoShi.

Echo! Echoo! Echoooo……..

Best Photo Shoot JeremyJay22

With Girls’ Generation’s popularity at an all time high at the beginning of the year, they started to appear steadily in more and more photoshoots.  From the February issue of “Singles” which showed Jessica’s solo adventure in Bali, one which exuded a sensual yet sophisticated style, to March, where “Vogue Korea” gave the girls a definite boyish twist, the year was full of unique shoots.  At the same time, many of the shoots that the girls were involved in were simple as well.  The “Marie Claire” issue in May combined with the “GQ Japan” issue in July showcased simplicity at its best, emphasizing the girls’ beauty more than the clothes they wore or the style they expressed.  Putting aside group shoots, many of the girls had their own chance at solo shoots as well. Jessica by far had the most, appearing in the aforementioned “Singles”, the October issue of “Ceci”, and November’s “W”.  Her unique style as well as model demeanor made her an easy choice.  Yuri showed off her diversity in the September “Cosmopolitan” issue, and Tiffany went for a darker look in the September issue of “Singles”.

Yet these photoshoots were not the only ones that the girls participated in this year, as they also took part in official album shoots.  The “MR. TAXI” Japanese single took a dark and simple method to showcase the girls, while the “Girls’ Generation” Japanese album went the exact opposite way, portraying the girls in an angelic sense, with them clad in white with bright backdrops.  “The Boys” had one of, if not the most, eclectic shoots of the year.  The girls were shown in completely different settings and styles, from Taeyeon’s Victorian Era styling to Tiffany’s disco ball-filled photo.  My favorite shoot, however, was the “MR. TAXI” Version B album.  Set up with plain white backgrounds, the girls are shown in a police-style uniform.  They look gorgeous with such simple styling and clothing, something which the other shoots this year seemed to lack.  Overall, this year saw an abundance of both group and solo shoots, all of which showed off each member’s unique style.

Best Overall Moment of 2011

In my opinion, I feel that the best moment of 2011 would be Girls’ Generation partying along to “Oscar” from their third album on “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio”.  The girls really loosened themselves up when the song was played.  They partied as if they were in a club and showed off their dorky sides.  I really like it when I see the girls happy and just being themselves, instead of just watching them on stage perform their songs.  Yes, their performances are really enjoyable, but we don’t get to see their true selves on stage.  So, seeing them just being their dorky selves really makes me grin from ear to ear.  When they are enjoying themselves and just having fun, it’s what I really like to see from them.

Here’s a video of them “dorking” around.


During Girls’ Generation’s June 5th Saitama stop on their Japan Arena Tour, fans attending the concert began spreading reports through Twitter that Sunny had left the concert.  Later, Taeyeon even told the audience that Sunny had actually been taken to a hospital, feeling fatigued and exhausted.  However, in what was the most touching Girls’ Generation moment of 2011, Sunny, still dressed in her outfit for “Genie”, returned to the concert just in time for the very last song.


On November 29th, 2011, the 2011 MAMAs (Mnet Asian Music Awards) was held at Singapore Indoor Stadium.  Girls’ Generation was nominated in four categories: Best Female Group, Best Dance Performance – Female Group, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year.  Taeyeon was also nominated for Best OST for her song “I Love You” from Athena.

Despite the fact that their third album was just released in October, the girls were topping the charts in Korea.  Girls’ Generation won two awards at the MAMAs: Best Female Group and Artist of the Year.  After winning two awards, Girls’ Generation has shown once again their popularity and amazing talents. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

2011 for Girls’ Generation has been about their outward expansion.  This year was truly a “Global Generation”, with performances all over the world, from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Paris, and New York.  In my opinion, it all culminated with the first US fan meeting in New York City.  The girls finally got to meet their international fans in person.  Girls’ Generation members have a unique bond with their fans, unlike anything I’ve seen.  It transcends language and distance barriers, and that bond was exemplified in my most important moment of the year.  Taeyeon, as she heard stories of international SONE living on Korean Standard Time staying up late to watch Girls’ Generation performances and shows, burst into tears.  How can we explain that Girls’ Generation loves us just as much, if not more so, than we love them?  For SONEs, no words are needed.  Taeyeon’s tears speak the truth.


One of the best moments in the year 2011 would be when the girls received the award for “Best Artist” at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.  If there was one thing missing from the 2010 year-end awards, it was the fact that Tiffany wasn’t able to attend any of the award ceremonies due to an injury that she suffered.  For many SONEs, not having all nine girls on stage together makes everything feel a little off, or at least little bit unbalanced.  This feeling is even more pronounced for the girls themselves as they could be seen constantly shouting out Tiffany’s name while they were accepting the awards.  This is why the 2011 MAMA ceremony was such a touching moment, because all nine members were able to receive the award as a complete group.  Seeing them together makes SONEs’ lives complete.


It all really comes down to one bond: a bond that has allowed nine to share a dream, a bond that has taught millions to hold fast to their dreams.  It all really comes down to the SoShibond.  It can be noticed from afar or even scrutinized up close, but no matter how you choose to look at it, the bond remains ironclad.  And it will remain the same as long as there are nine to hold it together.  One of the most memorable moments in 2011 was when Girls’ Generation won first place on Music Bank, and during the encore, the nine of them celebrated with a big group hug.  While eight of the girls were forming a circle, Seohyun noticed someone was missing.  Without waiting for even a split second, Seohyun took Jessica’s hand and pulled her into the circle.  Girls’ Generation’s celebration wouldn’t be complete without nine, and they wouldn’t be where they are right now if they were missing even half of one member.  When we see them jumping up in joy and smiling blissfully at each other, that’s when we feel truly blessed.  It’s when we realize that it’s not always about the awards and the wins, but instead, just how much the girls appreciate and treasure all the obstacles they have overcome together.  This is the beauty behind the SoShibond.  Girls’ Generation is always reaching their dreams together, so there is no reason to leave anyone behind.  There is no reason for competition.  It is this sense of purity found inside the SoShibond that never ceases to amaze me, for it can cleanse away even the most selfish of human ambitions.


Girls’ Generation presented us with many beautiful moments in 2011, moments filled with both laughter and tears, moments that we had the pleasure of witnessing.  However, if we had to narrow it down, Taeyeon standing up for SONEs on “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” comes out as one of the best.  It was not simply Taeyeon calling attention to the offensive word “SOnyuhshidae DUKhoos”; it was much more than that.  It has always been much more when it comes to the fans.  It’s the connection between SoShi and SONEs that stands out.  We share moments of pain and happiness, and the never ending support that we had constantly provided for each other guided  us to where we are now – at the top.  Taeyeon’s stance shows us how much we truly mean to Girls’ Generation and how lucky we are, as SONEs, that that connection exists.  They defend SONEs as much as we defend them, and they love us as much as we love them.


When looking at the busy year for the girls, I’d pick the release of their first Japanese album as the defining moment of the year. All the work they had done in Japan for nearly a year had come to fruition with this record. A venture into the unknown, the girls went through the obstacles of not knowing the language, or maybe not receiving the best reception, but still persevered. With the album having reached number one on the Oricon charts in addition to selling well over 600,000 copies, it clearly made its mark in Japan. We all know that the girls always stand out in Korea and always do well, but in Japan, it was never something that was certain. The fact that Girls’ Generation did it with grace and followed it up with a very successful arena tour emphasizes that hard work can take you far, no matter how hard the path may seem.


For my favorite moment of Girls’ Generation in 2011, I’d definitely choose the fan meeting in New York. Even though I didn’t get to attend it, I thought it was a huge turning point for both Girls’ Generation and SONEs. This was the first fan meeting that Girls’ Generation had outside of South Korea, and it signifies the amount of success that Girls’ Generation not only has back home, but across the world as well. During the fan meeting, SONEs got to witness the warm, loving and fun personalities of the girls up close, and in return, the girls managed to see for themselves the magnitude of their success. None of the girls have any source of contact with international fans, so I think that they were extremely surprised by the huge turnout.

Also, this was the best overall moment to me because it showed the dedication that fans have towards the girls and vice versa. Even though a few members were sick and most of them jet-lagged, they still insisted on continuing the fan meeting and hearing about this touched me deeply.


Out of all the interesting and hilarious moments that happened this year, I would have to say the video Sooyoung made after her car accident stood out.  Her car accident itself was unfortunate, and it drove SONEs into prayers and projects to wish Sooyoung nothing but the best and a speedy recovery.  None of us expected the girl herself to send us a message, let alone in the form of a video, which she edited and made by herself.  A lot of stuff was included in there: Woody, pictures of Sooyoung, handwritten messages in numerous languages, and photos of the fans’ get-well-soon wishes.  She started off with an “I’m fine ^^” to assure all of us that she was indeed doing okay, and she also apologized to all of the SONEs that were in Taiwan because she could not attend the concert.  It was really heartwarming to see that Sooyoung wrote the messages in English so that international fans could understand what she was trying to convey, and the fact that she used “Complete” as her background music can send shivers down your spine.

Re-watching the clip brought me to tears as it was very sweet of Sooyoung to go through all the trouble to send us her message.  This video just proves that Girls’ Generation loves us and really appreciates us.  As a fan, this really makes my life complete.  You can watch the video here, and catch the Soshified-subbed version here.

2011 proved to be a year full of unimaginable milestones for the girls, and the most memorable moment of the year will have to go to their official advancement into Japan in the first half of the year.  They poured their everything in a foreign land for the first time, and with the success of their first Japan album and Arena Tour added to their belts, they surpassed everyone’s expectations and proved once again to be the top dogs of the Korean music industry.


My best overall moment would definitely be the second day of the Singapore concert.  Not only was it held in my country (the girls said that they want to come back!), but the fan project held at the end of “Complete” was heartwarming.  Seeing every single fan raising the piece of paper up high, proclaiming love for Girls’ Generation, was absolutely breathtaking.  The ocean of pink suddenly turned into a field of white, with every piece of paper having the words “소녀시대 Makes Our Lives Complete” written on them.  Upon seeing the words written on the signs, Jessica broke into tears, with Taeyeon following suit soon after.  Afterwards, Tiffany requested everyone to raise up their signs again, and they all did without a second thought, raising them as high as they could.  Yes, 소녀시대, YOU make our lives complete.


Well, personally I think the best moment of 2011 has to be this…… or maybe the best moment was this….. actually, the best moment was probably this….. You know what, the best moment of 2011 was definitely this.

Oh forget it. I give up. There were too many good moments.


And that, friends, has been an overview of the best moments in 2011.  Comment on what you thought were the best moments of 2011 and why below. To kick off 2012 and count down to Soshified’s fourth anniversary, the best comment as chosen by Soshified Writers will receive a giveaway.  So make the best comment you can, and something awesome might be coming your way soon.

2011 has gone, but we have much more to look forward to in the year to come and beyond, with more laughter, fun, and memories that the girls will undoubtedly provide.  We here at Soshified have loved sharing every moment with all of you.  On behalf of the writers and Soshified, thanks for spending 2011 with us, especially in our first year with the writers section and Portal, and we hope you have a happy and healthy 2012.  We look forward to seeing everybody next year!


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