As previously reported, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny will take part as a voice actor for the upcoming animated film “Koala Kid”, and details of a recording session for the film have recently been released. Sunny was said to have been nervous before the recording of her voice for the character “Miranda”, but once the recording began she showed proficient acting skills and professionalism. Also, rather than using with her cute, aegyo-filled voice, Sunny displayed a strong and boyish voice to play her character.

In addition, the official Facebook page for “Koala Kid” also posted several photos of Sunny and SHINee’s Taemin recording their voices for the film. In the photos, Sunny and label-mate Taemin can be seen standing in front of a microphone and reading from movie’s script. A separate photo was also released with Sunny posing next to her character. All of the photos from the recording can be seen here.

Finally, the official Twitter for “Koala Kid” has revealed that the film will be released with an English dub outside of Korea, which Sunny did not record her voice for. Overseas fans of Girls’ Generation who cannot see the movie in theaters in Korea will be able to hear Sunny’s voice in the DVD release.

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