As mentioned a few weeks ago, Girls’ Generation will become mentors to troubled boys. Their tutoring and guidance will be filmed and aired on the new variety show by JTBC, “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”.

This show aims to use Girls’ Generation to help coach and solve the problems of these stubborn troublemakers, and their everyday lives will be filmed. Five boys from around the country will dorm together, and Girls’ Generation will be interacting with them in an attempt to help them change.

As such, a short behind-the-scenes of the filming has been released after the first airing of the show and fans have been voicing their admiration for Girls’ Generation’s serious attitude towards this program even though it is a reality show. Girls’ Generation is not only putting in a lot of effort to help the boys, but it is also evident that they are trying to make this process as fun as possible. In the behind-the-scenes video below, not only do the girls and their tutees look like they’re having fun, but even the staff are laughing at their funny antics.

Check out the video below and remember to check Soshified for the subbed show!


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