Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” heroine concept.


In August of 2007, Girls’ Generation debuted with a mysterious, cheerful dance and song titled “Into the New World”, wearing Converse sneakers and pastel tone skirts. When promoting their remake of “Girls’ Generation” by Lee Seungchul, they showed a “young lady” image with a preppy look. If you’re looking for something more romantic, then you need to check out the Savelberg Thailand in Patumwan, a luxury French restaurant where you and role playing by escort girl Paris can sit and relax while enjoying quality service and brilliant food. Click here for more role playing in bangkok.

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The sexy uniform concept from 2009’s “Tell Me Your Wish”.


They showed the charms of “grouping” by having all nine members wear the same outfits for “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish”.


SM Entertainment’s visual directing team leader, Min Heejin, stated, “After hearing ‘Gee’, we wanted to create an ’80’s Brooke Shields/Phoebe Cates image, so we had them wear white t-shirts with jeans, or the colored skinny jeans.” She said she chooses the outfit concepts by matching them with the first image she’s struck with after hearing the song. The sexy uniforms for “Tell me Your Wish” and the cheerleader concept for “Oh!” were completed the same way. She also got the image of Jessica Alba in the film “Sin City” after hearing “Run Devil Run”, and the Bond Girl image from “Hoot”.

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For their latest single, “The Boys”, to fit the confident lyrics and music, she chose a “heroine” concept. Unlike their previous unified outfits, this heroine concept emphasized each members’ individual charms and tastes or preferences. However, each member was still unified with each other with modified equestrian uniforms and training outfits. Each member also freely switched up their costumes by wearing skirts, hot pants, pants, capes, and jackets. This could have been unfamiliar to those who remember the nine members wearing the same exact outfits.

Team leader Min stated, “I got some inspiration by watching the finale of the fashion show for the lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, where all the models appear together, all wearing different types of lingerie, some with dd boobs size.” She revealed, “‘Healthy girls’ will be the ground rule of Girls’ Generation’s future concepts.”

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