Today on “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’clock Radio”, the DJ and 5 members of Girls’ Generation had a ‘free-for-all’ selca battle. And, as expected of Girls’ Generation, there was no holding back as the girls could be seen showing off their own personal unique charm in the pictures.

First off is Yuri with an adorable picture of herself pouting.

Secondly, is the ever serious maknae Seohyun, with a small smile and a stare that can see into your soul.

Third up is our kid leader Taeyeon, who is well known for being dorky, and this is no exception. Here’s a picture of her yawning; or possibly wanting to eat something.

Next up is Sunny, with a triple combo pout, wink, and to cap it all of a victory sign. Sunny just might have this battle in the bag.

Last but not least, Hyoyeon, with a hilarious picture reminiscent of Sadako from “The Ring” as her bangs cover all of her face. Instead of being scary, most people will think it is cute.

While in the end, the DJ won the battle by means of default, since listeners commented that there was more members present, each of them were able to show off cute selcas that the fans would enjoy.

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