Girls’ Generation will become mentors for boys.

On November 22nd, JTBC revealed that Girls’ Generation will be appearing on the weekend variety show “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”.

“Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” will have the group becoming mentors for stubborn troublemakers. It is a dream project, where they will be solving each of their problems.

“Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” will have five troublesome boys from different areas around the country dorming together. The program will be a reality show, showing how they change every day through training.

JTBC revealed, “Amidst their busy schedule after their comeback with ‘The Boys’, Girls’ Generation is looking forward to their first attempt at becoming mentors. The girls have been approaching this seriously, as it is a meaningful project to help wandering teenagers start anew. A new side of Girls’ Generation that has not been seen on any other variety show will be revealed.”

The first episode of “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” will air on the 4th of December at 7:30pm KST.


Source: TVReport via Naver
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