Girls’ Generation continues to be popular on MTV News. More footage from their interview while in New York has been uploaded along with new articles by Christina Garibaldi, the correspondent who interviewed them.

In the latest article, the girls talk about five things that new fans should know about them. They talk about their “impeccable choreography” and the fact that they are a multi-lingual group. Also, Tiffany boasts about their teamwork since there are nine girls in one group, saying “Our teamwork is more amazing than our choreography. Beat that!” Sooyoung even shows off her English skills when she says their “choreography is well structured.”

In a previous article, Christina sat down with an MTV Style blogger to talk about what they like about Girls’ Generation. Of course, they rave about how pretty the girls are, but also about their catchy music. Also, in this particular segment, Girls’ Generation sets their sights on the world stage by declaring their desire for a world tour. As Tiffany says, “Be careful, world, we’re on the way!”

Check out the coverage on MTV News here and here.

Sources: MTV News, MTV News
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