Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun reconfirmed her affection for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

On October 17th, Seohyun starred in KBS 2TV “Hello” with fellow member Sunny.

During the show, Seohyun introduced a story sent in by a viewer about a high school senior’s mom being a fan of Baek Chungkang.  While reading, she was asked, “Is there a celebrity you were a fan of?”  To this, Sunny revealed, “When I opened the door to Seohyun’s room and stepped inside, I was surprised by a large photo of a man at her headboard.  The person in the photo was Johnny Depp.”

To this, MC Shin Dongyup asked, “I’ve heard that you like Ban Ki-moon, too.  So who do you like more between those two?” to which Seohyun replied, “Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.”

Seohyun explained, “I got to liking him from looking at how he is on the inside.  I’ve read his books on life, and searched articles on him and came to looking up to him.”

Meanwhile, Sunny chose actor Park Sihoo (or Shihoo) from KBS 2TV “The Princess’ Man” as the celebrity she likes and sent a surprise video message to him.


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