Girl group Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has garnered attention after being judged as “like the devil” by Japanese fans.

Cable channel Y-Star’s show, “Curiosity”, headed out to Myeongdong in Seoul to see which member was most appealing and popular amongst Japanese fans.

They met with 200 Japanese people in Myeongdong, where they interviewed each of them to investigate their positive feelings on Girls’ Generation members.  The results showed that not only did most of the Japanese tourists know Girls’ Generation, but they also knew each members’ names and their characteristics in detail.  Through this, they were able to see just how popular Girls’ Generation is in Japan.

Out of all the members, the one member who got the most unusual evaluation was Jessica.  Due to her unique smile and chic expression, she has the nickname of  “Ice Princess” in Korea.  Japanese fans took this nickname and, as an equal meaning, concluded that she is “like the devil”.

However, being “like the devil” does not carry a negative meaning.  Saying someone is “like the devil” in Japan is like saying someone has a “lethal beauty” in Korea.

By capturing Japanese fans with her “devil-like” lethal beauty, Jessica received 22% of the votes, landing her in 3rd place in the group’s popularity ranking.

The most popular Girls’ Generation member amongst Japanese fans will be revealed on October 6th at 2pm through “Curiosity”.


Source: MyDaily
Translated by: [email protected]
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