On the 22nd of October, Girls’ Generation graced MBC’s Show! Music Core by performing 3 of their songs on their latest album. Before their performance, Yuri and Tiffany started off the show with their cute and sparkly MCing. It was only at the end when Girls’ Generation finally made their 3-stage appearance and ended the show with a bang.

First up, was the Korean version of their Japanese hit, “MR. TAXI”. The girls rocked the stage with their denim and leather costumes, but made a 180 degrees change with their next performance, “How Great Is Your Love”. Decked out in white, blue, yellow and pink spring dresses, the girls put on a very sweet performance, complete with a garden inspired set up. The soothing track, which was written by Sooyoung, was flawless as the girls showed off their newly improved vocals.

Finally, the girls tore the stage up with their latest hit, “The Boys”. As promised, the girls were all wearing different costumes unlike their “uniform” costumes as seen previously in “Hoot” and “Oh!”. Their fantastic outfits, accompanied by the sexy and charismatic track, ended the show off very well. Check out their performances and MC YulTi’s cuts below!


Sources: monmonsnowSeason3@youtube.com
Written by: letaengbutt@soshified.com

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