Girls’ Generation has officially made their return back into the Korean music industry! On KBS Music Bank, Girls’ Generation tore the stage down with their smoking hot performances of “MR. TAXI (Korean Version)” and “The Boys (Korean Version)”

During Mr Taxi, all nine members were decked out in flashy, sequined tops and caps which helped them to shine even more. They performed the Korean version of their huge Japanese hit, “MR. TAXI” and judging from the fans’ ecstatic screams, it will definitely be a huge success in Korea as well. However, the thing that caught most of the fans’ eyes was Taeyeon’s change in hairstyle. She returned with a much lighter shade of brown in her hair, and the golden tips were also missing.

During the stage of “The Boys”, Music Bank mixed two clips of Girls’ Generation performing together, so that fans got to see their favourite girls in two different outfits. Once again, the changes in the members’ hairstyle caught the attention of many.

Also, before their performance was scheduled, Music Bank showed a short clip of their backstage interview where Tiffany and Jessica read out two encouraging messages sent in by fans. The girls were bursting with energy as they introduced their third album, and they also left a cute message to fans asking for their support.

Check out the videos below!

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