Hello and welcome to the second edition of “The Best of the Best”: a countdown of the best in Girls’ Generation music, CFs, and related media. While this time I went over the Top 5 Magazine Shoots, you guys can tell me what you want to see next by voting in the poll at the end of the article. More votes are always better, so please tell me what you want! As for this edition, read through my explanation for each choice then leave your own opinions of the best shoots in the comments section! I’ll leave a link to the respective gallery for each shoot at the end of each explanation. Let’s start shall we?

5. Marie Claire: May 2011

When first looking at the May 2011 issue of Marie Claire it becomes important to realize the key aspect of the shoot: one of contrast, or standing out in other words. The individual shoots, especially those of Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany’s exuded a sense of pure dominance over their counterparts with their stone cold looks and position in reference to the suited men in the shoot. In contrast to the dominance shown in the individuals shoots, the covers for each magazine took a different route, expressing simplicity combined with class and confidence. The plain colors on these same covers easily let some of the girls shine. Unfortunately a few awkward poses and stances on the covers prevent the shoot from placing any higher on the countdown, but its other merits, such as vivid imagery and the expressive individual shoots, let it deserve a spot at number 5.

Full shoot here

4. Ceci 2008 Promotion for Dior

The 2008 Ceci Promotion for Dior was the first real snapshot we as SONEs received of the glamour that each individual girl could show. With each girl being dolled up, they transformed from teenagers into mature and truly stunning women. Even Maknae Seohyun, young and shy, showed off a sweet smile. Tiffany, wearing a stylish striped top and giving a steamy look, stood out the most to me, and gave off a gorgeous feel during the entire shoot. While some shoots overemphasize the makeup shown (obviously for endorsement purposes), the girls shined with or without the extra touches added in; Tiffany and Jessica in particular shined with the makeup. Even though it was being promoted, the makeup did ruin a few of the photos for me, such as that of Seohyun’s photo; it covered a lot of her natural beauty. Despite its glamorous feel, the downside to the shoot was that only a few of the girls are featured, instead of having them all gathered for this amazing shoot.

Full shoot here

3. GQ Japan: July 2011

Nothing gives off a more relaxed and laid back feel than a girl simply lounging around in a simple dress or shirt. GQ Japan displayed such a picture in their July 2011 issue with the girls clad in a full white wardrobe of white button-up shirts and short dresses. Emphasizing the theme “Into the New World,” the girls exuded a more innocent and pure theme, while still not being afraid to show a little skin, as Tiffany and Yuri showed with their tied up shirts, revealing their toned stomachs. These simple outfits contrast with the outfits that the girls have donned with many other magazines. The pure simplicity of the whole shoot drew in a wide audience in my opinion, creating a better aura for the shoot. The one downside is obviously the lack of variety in the shoot, dragging down its potential, not to mention that some of the girls were photographed at unflattering angles, not helping the shoot in the slightest. While some may say that this doesn’t deserve as high of a position as I gave it, I personally really liked the style, and I think #3 is a proper placing for it.

Full shoot here

2. Ceci Magazine: 2009

In a style that can be seen as erratic yet eye-catching, the girls were photographed for Ceci magazine once again following their 2008 feature with another amazing shoot. Showing off elaborate dresses, vivid colors, colorful makeup, and unique fashion choices, this magazine layout caught my eye from the very beginning. The dresses, those of a more vintage floral pattern, make the girls look simple, not in a bad way, but rather in one that makes them seem even more beautiful. Also, the girls were not putting up a facade of aggressiveness, but look like they are having fun, which drew me in even more. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the shoot gave off a vintage and sophisticated feel, and draws the viewer in without making them feel too alienated. The behind the scenes selcas taken by each girl also gave off this vibe of being classy while having fun, as well showing off the girls’ fashion sense at the same time. These personal photos made it seem like the girls were normal people just like us, instead of popular idols.

Full shoot here

1. W Korea: July 2011

My choice for the best magazine shoot would have to go to the more recent W Magazine shoot that the girls did in Paris. The eclectic colors combined with the Parisian landscape created a beautiful looking setting for the girls to be photographed in. It may just be me, but in many of the pictures the girls look a bit younger, and seem genuinely happy to be photographed. The contrast in many pictures, especially present in Jessica’s purple and aquamarine skirt created an original, interesting, and foreign theme, one that suited the photoshoot well. Tiffany rocking a varsity jacket with style, Taeyeon giving off a cute and innocent look when showing off a nice cardigan combined with a striped beret, and Sunny and Hyoyeon playfully showcasing their unique veil like scarf were all standouts in this colorful shoot. With the looks of professional (Taeyeon), chic (Tiffany), and joyful (Hyoyeon and Sunny), the girls showed off a variety of looks with a myriad of emotions, creating a perfectly painted picture. The Parisian backdrop served as the icing on the cake of this elegant yet fun set of photos. The reason this shoot is number 1 is because it combines all the great aspects of the others into one masterpiece and showcases the girls in a beautiful way.

Full shoot here

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