Is it already October? You all know what that means: Soshi’s comeback is literally right around the corner! With a full album set to be released soon as well as an American single, there’s plenty of topics to cover, and several of the questions we answered this month address news stories that came out recently relating to their comeback.

Also, we have a special guest unnie answering questions this month, gayqueenful! Except… as the second maknae of the writers (like Yoona is for Soshi!), she didn’t really think it was appropriate to be called unnie, so instead she answered everything under the silly nickname of gayqueenful-maknae #2.

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So what fascinating questions did you all ask this month? Let’s dive right in and find out!


Since Yuri has written a song, I heard a rumor that Sooyoung has done so as well. How do you feel about SNSD taking music control in future albums?
– 4HYO



michaelroni-oppa says:
From what I understand, Sooyoung did indeed write the lyrics for one the songs on the upcoming “The Boys” album. I would like to see the girls take more control in the production and creation of their own music, though mostly just in terms of lyrics. Yuri did a fantastic job writing the lyrics for “Mistake”, and I’m confident Sooyoung did an equally impressive job. With that said, the girls are one of the top groups in Asia, and the production quality of music should reflect that. Since the girls don’t have a great deal of experience with the creation of their own music, I think that if they want to take more control, they should do so in small steps. Writing lyrics is a good place to start, but ultimately they’re probably better off leaving the majority of the production work to the audio professionals.

gayqueenful-maknae #2 says:
I heard about Sooyoung having a chance to write the lyrics for one of the songs in the upcoming album, “The Boys”, and I’m actually really proud of her. I love the fact that Girls’ Generation is starting to have a bigger say in what they produce in their albums, and them being given the chance to write the lyrics to a song is definitely a huge start. Like what Michael mentioned above, I think that Yuri did a wonderful job in writing the lyrics for “Mistake”, and although the album isn’t out yet, I’m positive that Sooyoung will do an equally amazing job. Also, my opinion is that when the girls are given the chance to write their own lyrics, it shows that they’re more than just the pretty faces and have the potential to truly become artists and musicians. Hopefully, as Girls’ Generation continues to mature, their say in what they produce will grow and more of the members will get a chance to participate a little more in their albums.


Do you like other artists who have a similar sound to Girls’ Generation? How diverse are your musical preferences?
– Hazella

michaelroni-oppa says:
My musical tastes have jumped around quite a bit throughout my life. I limited myself to just what was played on the radio during most of my childhood. By the time I was in middle school and high school, I started to experiment a little bit by listening to a little bit of K-pop (S.E.S., FinKL, etc.) and J-pop (old school Utada Hikaru). When I reached college, I almost exclusively listened to J-rock, such as Asian Kung-Fu Generation, the pillows, Ellegarden, etc. Now that I’ve moved on to K-pop, I find myself stabilizing a little bit and not really feeling the need to move on, but part of that could be the diversity of K-pop. There are a lot of different artists with varying styles and sounds, and I try to give them all a listen. I like competing girl groups like 4minute, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, and Secret, and I like the music from guy groups as well (SuJu, Shinee, CN Blue, etc). Obviously, Girls’ Generation is absolutely number one in my book, and they’ve left an impression on me that’s stronger than any other artist I’ve ever listened to in my life.

gayqueenful-maknae #2 says:
Honestly, I have a pretty bizarre taste in music if I do say so myself. I grew up listening to the songs my parents like to listen to, which ranges from old Cantonese hits to songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber to Latin music like “Chan Chan” from the “Buena Vista Social Club” album, so I still hum or sing along whenever I hear the songs. Apart from that, I listen to Classical too, and Latin guitar whenever I need to unwind. Growing up, I got heavily influenced by my siblings, (me being the youngest and all), and I got introduced to Britney Spears and the whole pop scene. However, I have to say that out of all the pop singers I can remember I used to like a few years back, Jojo would be my favourite. 3 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to K-Pop and Super Junior was the first group which I fell madly in love with. However, a few months down the road and I became a Girls’ Generation convert. Their song, “Genie”, really caught my eye, and until today, it’s still my most-played song on iTunes. Nowadays, the only other K-Pop group which I really keep an eye on, (apart from Girls’ Generation, duh!), is B2ST, aka BEAST. I love their music because I think it’s so unique and it stands out among all the other groups and not to mention, the members all provide loads of eye-candy. Basically, I’m a huge fan of any music, (apart from Heavy Metal. STRESS!) which has really addictive beats, so it doesn’t matter to me which language it’s sung in, as long as I like it, it goes straight onto my playlist.


Touching on their overseas activities in the slightest, who do you think will be fluent in English the fastest? (should they ever want to do some globalization any time soon) and who will be the most anticipated accented Engrish to hear?
– doridorisu

michaelroni-oppa says:
It’s a painfully obvious answer, but I have to figure that studious Seohyun would be fluent in English the fastest. And I imagine that Hyoyeon’s Engrish would be painfully hilarious, knowing how often she stumbles on words and says things incorrectly in her own native language.


Hyo approves of this answer.

gayqueenful-maknae #2 says:
Apart from the two fluent English speakers, I think that Seohyun would most probably be the first to master the language. She is, after all, a spawn of Wonder Woman and is incredibly hardworking. Her pronunciation while singing English songs are usually spot on, if not, perfect. As for who I think would have the best Engrish…. My vote would go to Yuri. Yuri never fails to crack anyone up with her mishaps while speaking in other languages like Japanese, so I have no doubt that she will give us all a good laugh with her ever pow-dah-pool Engrish!


What do you think of Teddy Riley’s recent post on his twitter? 
– ZVoid

michaelroni-oppa says:
If you’re referring to his recent posts about how the girls remind him of his daughter, and how he really enjoyed working with them, I don’t have much of a reaction at all. Rather than have an extreme reaction by connecting his past history with his daughter (which is not something I feel like I need to discuss here) to him talking about Soshi, I prefer to just think of it as “He liked producing for them. He finds them lovely and precious. What normal human being wouldn’t find them lovely and precious?” If you’re referring to his recent post that upset Wonder Girls fans, my reaction is “Stop talking. They have nothing to do with you. That’s all.”

gayqueenful-maknae #2 says:
I assume you’re referring to his tweets about how Sunny reminds him of his daughter and how much he enjoyed working with Girls’ Generation? If you are, then honestly, I don’t have much to say. Obviously, I’m very glad that he has a great impression of our girls and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them, and seeing as how he is such a renowned producer, I’m very happy that the girls managed to work with someone so famous too. As for the retweet regarding Wonder Girls’ level of success in America, I’m pretty sure he learnt his lesson after that nasty situation. All I have to say is “Welcome to the world of K-Pop dude.”


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