On September 6th, during SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Sunny stated, “There was one person who constantly contacted me,” revealing how Boom obssessed over her during his time in the army.

Sunny said, “[Boom] constantly contacted me. He asked for my help. I received a video call. A close oppa’s face appeared and he said, ‘Sunny, don’t hang up’. He said, ‘Hold on,’ and I saw extremely excited soldiers.”

At the time, Sunny didn’t have any make-up on, but Boom said, “You’re very pretty and perfect. Could you say hi?” In the end, Sunny showed her aegyo saying, “Oppas, I bet you’re tired. Fighting!”

Sunny added, “[Boom] called me late at night and even called collect. If I say ‘I’m a bit busy’ [trying to hang up], he would say ‘This is burdensome, right? Well, Kang Hodong and Yoo Jaesuk are national MCs, they’re the best. But how long do you think they’ll be the greatest? I don’t think they’re going to last much longer. They need young blood. It’ll open up soon’.”

Boom was sweating bullets and said, “I was 100% joking,” to which Sunny refuted, “I could feel his sincerity.” During the same call, Sunny revealed his obsession to Girls’ Generation saying, “Sunny, don’t let me go. I love Soshi.” Super Junior’s Leeteuk helped Sunny’s claim by saying that Boom has Sunny’s photo as his phone’s wallpaper.

Boom then started to explain, “Soldiers like women. We had a skit to get military personnel laughing, but there weren’t any guest singers. They seemed tired from laughing at my stories, so I tried calling Sunny. I said, ‘Don’t hang up,’ because it was still a broadcast.”



Source: Newsen
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